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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Website

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I have to say as an engineer i am most intrigued by the ship designer and i can't wait to try this game. I looks very interesting sofar.

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Well, its a game web... apart videos and image i think core of info is going to be in the forum 😁

I am really interested in what could offer the game, since "Fighting Steel" i leave the 3D combat, Eagle Storm´s titles were good but the product was horrible and NWS titles are great but sometimes i want return to old times and enjoy 3D vision of ships under fire 🚢

As suggestion, when you give more info about what made a battleship a battleship try use as example a real ship made using game, i refer you can select an historical battleship well know (Yamato, Bismark,  Iowa, King Georve V...) and construct it from 0 explained for guys totally out of game using the game, step by step.

I say battleship but could be a BC, CA, CL, DD... the point is see how game give us a ship to use in battle.

In the next step (divisions) i am curious about how could you delegate in AI to manage the details while you center in the master plan to win battles.

Good luck and expecting learn more about the game.



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