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Availability of guns and repairs on PVE server

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On the PVE server access to repairs and rum are really scares. Very few ports drop repairs and rum while guns are accessible in every port. This does not make much sense since guns is not something you need to supplement once your ship is outfitted. So if your are about to venture far away from your home port and consider taking som prizes or sink som NPCs on your journey, you will have to be sure to stock up with plenty of repairs and rum since you will not be able to buy them in any port on your way.

Suggestion: Limit gun availability to the home port of your nation or a few ports in each region of the map and make more ports drop repairs and rum, so at least a few ports in each region has them (prices should be set at a level higher than the cost of crafting them of course). Another idea would be to let each NPC carry a few repairs and a couple of rums, that could be looted when you cap or sink them.

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19 minutes ago, Angus MacDuff said:

LOL, they are far too busy out there to craft repairs!! Sheesh!

I said that in Nation TS yesterday when some one was saying we need repairs at certain ports and I know for fact the player wasn't an econ/crafter so it would be easy for them to just set up a few ports to make Hull repairs...lol 

What I use to do with new players in clan is set them up crafting one of the repairs: HULL, SAIL, RUM.  Have them keep half and sale the other half to make money and it works.

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