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Hello Captains

I'm XO of the new Clan in NA. Our adventure with NA has just started, so you may say that we're bunch of newbies, however.... There's many years of playing Arma/ Sturmovik/ SH3-5 and other games that connect us. Naval Action creates multi-threaded virtual reality that we always looked for.

There's only three of us and.... so far we want to stay like this. We want slowly train us in naval tactics and create some infrastructure, before we start inviting some new players. There's no secret, that currently we seek for strong alliance to take part in conquest, and to help develop a nation we play, soooo.... We're asking politely of of support from stronger clans, and for access to investments in some port.

Short about us:

ZBD - "Zaloga Bialej Damy"

We come from Poland. Getting into account a historical background of the game we decided to play as part of French nation in the game, we know consequences. The name of our clan is a tribute to Polish most beautiful sailing ship "Dar Pomorza" ("Gift of Pomerania"). "Zaloga Bialej Damy" means "The crew of a White Lady" - since "The White Lady" was the common name of the ship used between her crew.


Any allied captain, can feel himself free to call us for help if we're in the area. We're good guys. 


I wish you all a strong wind... Since wishing a "good wind" was actually an offense in age of sails.

"Good captain can always make a use of strong wind. Only unskilled captain needs favorable wind."

>>Cpt. Mamert Stankiewicz <<


With my best regards




We're glad to inform that The Clan ANCRE added us to Friends. Thanks for support guys! We'll do our best to be as much help as we can.

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