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I would like to suggest a post release wipe front line suspension for a couple of days.


Right now we experienced a bottle neck (2-3 capitols limit per free town) with clans not being able to expand anymore and even tho we wont have big boats post release we might get more clans and players coming back willing to expand.

Flippin a port with hercs just might take a little longer but wont stop organised clans to start taking one of the few available capitols.

With the wipe just being an artifact and to ease the tension in the beginning I suggest a suspension of the frontlines for a couple of days so missions for all capitols can be taken from any port.

Everyone can settle in the place he likes, no whining, then after the couple days we go back to frontlines with current mechanics.


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44 minutes ago, Liberalism said:

Flipping ports after game release wipe with DLC ships... How about DLC ships suspension for a couple of days post release wipe?

That will be a reality. Given all start from Midshipman, what you do from that time onwards is your own doing. Can't expect everyone to have the same lifestyle nor the same hobby time.

If a player does the Exams, post release, in the first couple hours,...well he/she does. By doing so the crew numbers, hercules and repairs and some cash are the same for everyone. So everyone can have a go at it immediately... 

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I took hercs as an example as you get one completing the exam. DLC or not... so there will be plenty in at the start yes... Or did they change the rewards?

Additionally I would appreciate to stay on topic

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