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Grand Solving of Timers, Turning RVR into Chess (OR checkers)

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RVR, Timers, the flow of WAR and exchange of territory


So I was just sitting down in a chair and I was thinking about Planetside 2 and their conquest. What about their system makes people O.K. with losing bases overnight? First thing to come to mind was that well, bases in planetside are expected to flip hands many times a day. That's what makes the game interesting. Unlike NA there is no making residence in a base. Things are constantly getting reset so new fight always happen, no this is not a suggestion for map wipes. 

It's a better idea. Next thing to come to mind was the idea of "Front Lines". I remember @admin mentioning recently about a plan to add them in some way shape or form. This got me to thinking, what if instead of timers, conquest worked more similar to the lattice control system of other RVR games. You take ports in an order, along a path. Some ports branch off into multiple paths giving strategic options. For example you work your way along a coast, jump and island, and cut off the enemies lines to their capital, possibly sending ports into neutral status.

What does this accomplish? How does this solve timers you may ask? Well it's simple. Along the front lines, heavy fighting is regular. It's expected for the front lines to shift periodically. So what does this mean? Along front lines, there is no need for timers whatsoever. For one, if you hold a port and right next to it is the enemies own port, why would ever think to yourself that you could safely base their, and not expect the enemy to come charging in at any time? So with that, why do you need to set such a time window to prevent that from happening when that's what war is all about?

You're probably still not with me. Imagine 7 ports lined up along a coast, 3 ports on the left are owned by the brits, 3 ports on the right are owned by the french, the port in the middle is contested, being taken by the french initially, captured by the brits the next day, recaptured by the french the day after that and so on. Isn't that normal to happen along the front? Do you really think anybody should have enough things stored in the port to even warrant setting such a strict time rule on it? They hardly own the port let alone the space around it. What gives them the right to lock it under timer and stall what is quite literally the flow of combat?

I strongly believe the locking of ports should be earned, pushing at least a buffer of 3 ports or more before a port can be secure under timer lock. With that flags can be reintroduced. Flags should be what push front line gameplay, as in you can attack at that moment with whoever and whatever is available, like a real attack generally is. Timers should protect ports within territories, non border and non contested ports. If you want to cut deep into enemy lines, sure you can do that but as a penalty you have to fight on their ideal time. Otherwise you push the line.

So what does this whole thing grant us? It grants us constant reciprocating action across lines thanks to instant actions and ever flowing push and pull of the front. It returns the flag system which people loved, in a way that is conducive to it's style, which is you grab everyone you can and attack, at that moment. That's a type of extremely fun play that is not possible at this time.

Disclaimer on details of the suggestion:
I have come up with a starter rule set for this gametype of RVR if you'll call it, but I'm kind of banking on you guys already knowing the general details. If need be we can discuss things like variables, prices, or whatever else but I expect that sort of thing to ultimately be decided by the developer. The idea is more the realm I want to stick to. So on that note, let me know what you think, does this sound like a big improvement to regular RVR? Anything you would add, take away, dispute the idea as a whole? Let me know :)

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