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Hi all,

I'm Ami, a Producer from a Singapore production company, and I'm currently doing research on ships in the 1800s that has shaped Singapore as the well-known port it is today.
I came across this forum during my research and I saw that it has a solid community that discusses about ships in the olden times, complete with drawing, sketches and specifications of the ships!

For this documentary, I'm specifically looking for ships that were active in the 1800s. I'm wondering whether you guys will have more info on their records or blueprints of ships similar to them:

1. The Diana v2 (1837)
built by J. A. Currie & Co. at Sulkea, near Calcutta
- Launched in October 1836
2. Lady Mary Wood (1845)
Lady Mary Wood was a 49-metre long paddle wheel steamer  launched in 1841 and registered in 1842.
The steamer had a gross tonnage of 556 and horsepower of 250.
3. The Fame (1824)
I understand this ship is under the East India Company that were mentioned here and there in this forum but I couldn't find a drawing that is specific to The Fame.
Would you have any idea if there's a ship under the East India Company that it is modelled after as a reference?
Is it similar to the Farquharson (1820)?

4. Indian Convict Ships such as The Horatio brig (1825)

Your response will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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