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Need help with fully understanding Thickness and Penetration



So i know Thickness does  let Balls bounce of your Hull with no Damage at all. Bounceing itself depends on the angle of your Ship towards the boadside as well as Cannontype, distance, Woodtype  etc.  Figuring out your ships thickness is easy with https://na-map.netlify.com/.

Waht i cant find is a usefull Caonnon Pen list. the list on na-map gives me, as an example,  an Penetration of 130 with an 18pd medium. But waht does that mean? 130cm Pen on 1m? 100m? Wich angle?

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7 minutes ago, Palatinose said:

Sounds about right.

yeah im sure its pretty close, was just wondering if that is the exact formula? one could imagine other factors (grain orientation in the plankings wood for example should give more thickness on a horizontal angle then on a vertical angle) ;)

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4 hours ago, Meraun said:

new Damage system, for example, Permit are not accurate at the momen i think 

Data from the API is updated daily after maintenance (automatically, no manual intervention). This includes information on cannons and permits.

Only a few data for ships (eg. armour and mast thickness) come from Module XML game files which are updated semi-automatically.

What do you think specially is not up to date?

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