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Lets pretend I didn't know about a Beta and have been FAR away

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Well, I have been away for a bit since I last finished both sides of the Civil War very nicely if I might add . Sometimes it best to leave while you are ahead

 I have been hearing about  this title lately and I even glanced at the video for sea and land combat briefly.

Well, as there is mention of an file update on this forum , I assume there is a Beta somewhere. Where, I have no idea

As I have spent about half hour trying to find  info on how to get a link for anything about this to no avail ... well  maybe this game is too complicated for me

... How about a clue for us old timers ? Guess thats what forums are for

As there doesn't seem to be an E.T.A maybe I can help out . You already got my N.D.A.

Just saying

Best of luck with this new title. A game like this needs better P.R.

Looks Great !

Any Total War title isn't even close

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2 hours ago, Da Hool said:

Have got the E-Mail too but haven't looked into it further.

What are the Prices for pre-order? @Beserko


Scroll to the buttom

I downloaded and played it yesterday for around 15 min. So far it seems good, but with limited gameplay available at this stage (Alpha/Beta), don't expect anything big just yet.

Will there be seperate sub-forums for those of us who wants to provide feedback?

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Well the $30 one is only a pre-order price and does not get you in the closed beta. My guess is that the release price will be in the $40 range so it is a savings. Still debating whether to pick up the middle one and start playing. Steam sale so lots of other options out there, not to mention Naval Action of course!

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