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I brought this up before but honestly we should be getting the xp for traveling in OW going towards our ship knowledge.  It's not a big amount of xp and I really can't see how it can be abused cause it's sailing from point A to point B not dependent upon how long you been at sea.  This would give players a little help at opening slots and help on trade ships that don't have slots perm open.   

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I am also wondering if the sailing xp will be used for something in the future, or just scrapped altogether.

I would think sailing XP be available for level 1-4 captains, to help give them a slight bump in grinding slots on ships at least.

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47 minutes ago, Bubba Smith said:

I thought it should have counted along time ago. 

I brought it up to @admina good while back and he said something about they where afraid of it being abused, but I just can't see how?  I mean if your afking to port to port to get the xp your a target for PvP.   It's such a small amount that it doesn't compared to combat XP and it would help traders open up slots on LGV and Indiaman.   It's helpful at early levels when your leveling up, but after max rank what's the point?


Just like I would love to see the trader crafted ships return to giving crafter XP for use of the ships.  That was a great concept that kinda got lost too.  Would give folks more reason to craft and sale/buy ships than just using Notes or DLC's.

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@Sir Texas Sir

It’s a really good idea and would look simple to implement. Just playing Devil’s advocate for a moment and not sure if correct...

The difference between a ship in Open World and Battle Instance is a lot. The Packet Update output from your OW ship would only be type, location, speed, direction & total BR. Your Computer shows your ship details and fleet etc to you. The ONLY time the packet changes would be at a Tag or BI drop. The server wouldn’t hold that data post port.

I reckon, (and probably wrong) it’s not been done before now is because the Server cannot tell what actual ship you were sailing in OW post port trigger. The guess would be continual load increase across the server in OW as it would need to capture start and finish journey for all the population...


Ps yes on the trader craft thing also great idea...


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