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Ship Request - HMS Bounty, Beagle and Endeavour and Pandora

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The ships from the Anatomy of the Ship series


Armed Transport HMS Bounty, converted from the mercantile Bethia.

24 gun Pandora - the ship that was sent after Bounty's mutineers.

James Cook's Endeavour

Survey Ship HMS Beagle - Darwin Voyages.


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I would post some links to my Google Drive but the forums don't seem to allow me to paste anything, text, links, or otherwise.  :(  I suspect it's IE and the forum again, I have run into this issue before where it wouldn't let me post links... but I can't remember the work around, and I am not big on using Chrome on this rig.

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Did you know?


In 1801 HMS Glatton was commanded by Captain Bligh (future commander of the Bounty )
who distinguished himself in the eyes of Nelson.


This was his ship before Bounty, HMS Glatton


56-gun ship built for the East India Company , it was purchased by the Royal Navy in 1795 and converted into a warship. His artillery was composed only of " carronades " - heavy pieces short barrel for close combat and requiring much less gunners to serve them. The " carronades " inflicted terrible damage by sweeping the deck of opposing ship . The French suffered cruelly this English innovation before adopting a few years later .









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Your source has to be wrong:


The famous mutiy occured in 1789, so HMS Glatton was on of Blights commands after HMAV Bounty.

I somehow am unable to post the link to my own soure ( royalnavalmuseum.org ) but the different years sould be prove enough.

Best regards

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