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Ingame a better moderation is needed as well. Whenever I turn on global for trading etc  its spammed like this which reached a really annoying lvl.

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Hello captains In terms of this post by @EliteDelta   Here is the thing.  I think public relations is not the source of problems, as there is too many definitions and goals of this ter

thx to all the people that go boom everytime theres a dev post. by now we all know the game will never be good enough for those people. i just wish they would finally go away. they are a source of fru

It’s just a shame some people never learned the difference between: “Hey Admin, I don’t like “X” mechanic. Here’s why.....” and: ”This game is trash. I can code better than these clowns

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Be slow to speak and slow to wrath my friends, but quick to hear what the other may have to say, in so doing you shall spread a seed of peace.  :)

Unless it is war you want of course... then let the games begin!

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this forum is starting to lose its homogeneous coverage to games that don't even exist or are under development
and then there is the release, the version of naval action
it all starts to become a bit unclear what you look at or read about.
I think it would be better to split the forum into parts for which the game is going to apply or applies to
I would not like to see posts that apply to games that I don't have, but that are offered to me in the main lines without knowing what the game is about.

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