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4th rates - ship of the line, yes and no.


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7 hours ago, Velhelm Von Marrius said:

I do not see 4th rates as ship of the lines in this game nor do I see them as frigates. Placing the wide range of time this game covers certain classifications become a bit grayed and muddled. The 4th rates one of those classifications that becomes hard to rigidly define for what ships they introduce and more importantly for the game itself. When it comes to the game I see the 4th rates as "super frigates." Too strong to be classified as a normal frigate class but not strong enough for the 3rd rates and above, aka ships of the line. It is one of the reasons I am disappointed that the Constitution and United States are now 3rd rates and not 4th rates. 

Yah, the 4th rates seems to be a mosh pit of older ships and ships of newer origion that may have had multiple uses... 4th rate is a very general term. Its almost as if the commanders said... this is an older 3rd rate or say 74 gun Man O War... lets make it a 4th rate and only assign 450 crew to it... it is still useful as a support ship.

Just seems like this anyway.

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5 hours ago, LIONOFWALES said:

I want my frigate to have 4 decks and a neuclear weapon installed on it...

Naw… just kidding...


Under the Mediterranean definition of frigate that's entirely possible, only the lame nations from the north say otherwise and who listens to them anyway. Don't let your dreams just be dreams.

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7 hours ago, Koveras said:

They did in the seven years war 1756-1763, as far as I know they'd been phased out of active line duty by the revolutionary wars.. I seem to recall the last 60-gunner were launched in 1780'ies but don't take my word for it. I know they were used on station in Caromandel during the american war of independence but don't know if they were involved in any line battles.


EDIT: just reread @Surcoufs post and I'd wager that it's safe to presume that by 1779 the 60-gun ships had been moved to other tasks, if they were manufactured at all.

Actually, several French 64s were in action at the Battle of the Chesapeake in support of Washington's forces at Yorktown.  French 64s saw continual action in battle up til 1783 from what I've read.  As to when the last were built, I cannot say.  I found some info on it, but nothing concrete.  Links posted below.   Surcouf might be able to answer your presumption more accurately.

Sphinx class (1776)

List of French lineships up to 1780

Battle of Cuddalore (1783)

French SoLs of the Louis XVI era

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