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Tutorial Exams: How to Pass - (new damage model)

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Given that the premise of the tutorials is bound to change at least slightly a couple more times before release, I was hesitant to present these, yet would like to gauge response as to their presentation before having to remake them in final form upon release.

This is my humble attempt (yet again) at offering guidance (this time with notes @staun) on how to pass each exam in the tutorial.

Exam #1: Destruction



Exam #2: Demasting Exam



Exam #3: Boarding Exam



Exam #4: Endurance Exam



Exam #5: Final Exam



Thank you for watching.

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Fight side to side whit NPC? No way. Unless there is bug that if you are very close they dont hit, havent tried. I just tried normal good ol realistic chain shot other and side to side 100m and no go. NPC too stronk. Lost will to try any different tactics anymore.

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On 5/21/2019 at 7:50 PM, James Thomson said:

Fight side to side whit NPC? No way. Unless there is bug that if you are very close they dont hit, havent tried.

that bug has been fixed a few versions ago

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Stay with the devs proposal for passing the final exam. Damage one opponent's sail, separate the ships and kill one after the other... too bad I made no video of my exam. Took me approximately 40min.

... or try the boarding version, depends on you  playing style.

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On final I rage boarded 1st ship that was closest to me.

To do that, on battle start:

1. Load grapeshot.

2. Prepare for boarding.

3. Go in a straight line

4. You will see that the closest to you ship will turn beam reach.

Start turning into his path a little. When you approach him keep your bow approximately pointing at his stern, while he tries to circle you. This eventually will get him into irons. This way you can board in the first 1 min.

5. Position your ship side-by-side so you can grape him (yes you will kill crew even if there was no damage done). Make sure you fire your grapeshot when he is not bracing.

If you screwed the first part (boarding) simply quit and retry. Its only 2-3 mins that you lost of your time. You can keep retrying until you can get it done without mistakes. Lesser amount of  mistakes you make - more crew you will save for the second part. You should retain about 160-170 of your crew. 

By the time you win the boarding your ship might sink or become badly damaged. No matter. After you won the boarding switch ships. It will be brand new as graping does no damage to the ship. 

Then fight the left AI on 1v1 in an equal ship.


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Starting to slowly wonder back to the game. Thought @Anolytic guides were truly excellent. Please add them to STEAM or a link at least. Just Finished the FINAL EXAM, which did take a few attempts and wasn’t pretty.


My overall view of the tutorials and exams and final was very good. A suggestion to help the Newbie after the sailing tutorial is extend the BATTLE Instance once completed when offered. Lock the wind and allow him to practice turning and moving etc. on his own till the timer runs down or he escapes.

The FINAL exam is not for the Newbie obviously. Make sure this is stated multiple times and to re-take the tutorials, exams to practice. Use both servers as well. Don’t let him wallow because he can’t complete the final after a few weeks game time.

The length of the final exam is fine. It teaches patience and tactics, but how did that guy do it in 8minutes is beyond me. It does not need shortening.


I tried all sorts of methods offered here and on YouTube. My 2cents worth of advice would be, whatever strategy you want to use have it thought out first before you start. When it starts to go South don’t fcuk around, Surrender and start over. Don’t waste your time dragging it out.

For me, I rage boarded the first ship pushing it into irons. It took a few attempts to have the ships side on. Then destroy the side wall change to grape and kill the crew. Use ATTACK and change to DECK Guns in the last seconds. If You can get the target STERN facing, which is brilliant. Grapping kills 25+ crew each turn...

Make sure you start CREW refresh [5] then [3] when your crew hits 200. Once complete move away and repair. Then turn into the second ship and do the same. De-masting works like @Liq video as well.



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When i did the final exam shortly after release I hit the mast over 80 times and it would not drop and that was hitting either from bow and stern mostly at close range. Maybe it has changed since I did it.

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