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Reset Perks ?



If I try to Reset my Perks. It says I need an Item for that.

So where do I get such an Item ?

I have not yet actually Found any way to get such an Item.



I wanted to take a look at what they changed in the Game in the Months after I left.

One such thing is the New Map Skill.


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Well too bad then.

I am Prussia on PvE Server.

So I cannot Access Admirality Store ^^



I used to have like 6 or so Forged Papers to Change Nations.

But it seems they got Wiped somewhere in between while I was gone.

So Basicly I am hello kittyed and cant do anything.


Guess so much for me giving the Game another Chance.


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32 minutes ago, Zorg the Merciless said:

Hey there, each nation has  its own Admiralty store. Off memory, if you are in a national port its the centre icon at the bottom of the screen. This is where you can also buy upgrades eg Bow Figures for doubloons and other stuff for doubloons or combat medals etc.


 He's on PvE server as Prussian so Prussia has no ports on there (No RvR to capture ports for hard nations).


I would say maybe contact Ink on forum about situation, easiest way on PvE server i guess would be to make a port each as home ports for hard nations maybe.




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