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Suggestion : addition of a new 9-pdr(g) / 32-pdr(c) ship in game

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In game :

  • ships that carried 9-pdr guns IRL (such as LRQ) can also carry 32-pdr carro in game
  • ships that carried 32-pdr carro IRL (such as the Niagara) can also carry 9-pdr guns in game

When watching NA shallow water lineup from the Lynx to the Surprise, a gap can be seen between the Niagara and LRQ, two ships that both carry 9-pdr guns or 32-pdr carro but don't have the same number of guns : USS Niagara (20 guns) and Le Requin (24 guns), creating a difference in broadside weight : 320 pd vs 384 pd (with carro).

My suggestion : adding a ship with an in-between broadside weight. 

Here are 8 examples from NA shipyard. Don't hesitate to add more / correct me.


1) The Hvide, 24 x 9-pdr 

On 10/21/2017 at 8:08 PM, Malachi said:

Another danish 6th rate, the Hvide Ørn of 1797:










length                   124' (danish fod)

breadth                 32' 6''

Depth in hold       16' 2''


Crew 180

24 8-pounders


2) The Descubierta (20 x 9-pdr + 2/4 x 6pdr)

On 8/29/2015 at 3:58 PM, D. Federico de Gravina y N said:

Here is the History of the Spanish corvette called "Descubierta" and her twin "Atrevida"


The ships was builded with the original armament:

• 22 x 8 lbs.
• 4 x 6 lbs.

But for the expedition, only carried:

• 14 x 6 lbs.
•   2 x 4 lbs.




3) The Tranqvebar (20 x 9-pdr + 2/4 x 6-pdr)

On 4/7/2016 at 11:35 AM, Malachi said:

I may have already posted the sheer plan for this one, but it lacked the details for the stern, quarter galleries and the head, so I combined the two sets so you can see how the 'complete' ship looked like.



Dimensions (imperial feet)

Length:   118' 6''

Breadth:   31' 11''

Draught aft:  14'

Draught forward:  12' 11''

Length to Breadth ratio:   3, 71     


20 8-pounders

10 Falquonettes (1-pounders)



Other ships in class: Tranqvebar (1762), Alsen (1764), Færøe (1766)

Launched in 1774 at Friderichswaern (Norway), broken up 1793.


4) HMS Phoenix (22 x 9-pdr)

On 10/15/2017 at 2:21 PM, Sella22 said:

1741 Establishment 20-Gunner


  Reveal hidden contents





Class info:http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_class&id=222

Ships of the same class:



20-24 guns 




Length of Gundeck:  112' 6 ¾"    Imperial Feet or 34.3091 meters
Length of Keel: 93' 0 ¾"   Imperial Feet  or 28.3655 meters
Breadth: 32' 3"  Imperial Feet or 9.8298 meters
Depth in Hold: 11' 0"   Imperial Feet 
Burthen: 514 17⁄94  Tons BM(British Measurment) 
Upper Deck: 20 x British 9pdr
Lower Gun Deck:2 x British 9-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck:20 x British 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck:2 x British 3-Pounder
Proposed armament:
22 x 9 prd= 99bw
20 x 9 prd and 2 x 6 prd = 96 bw


5) La Volage (22 x 9-pdr)

On 10/15/2017 at 11:23 PM, LeBoiteux said:

La Volage

French corvette

22 guns



@Wagram Lyon, The Sailing Navy List, p.248 : 'Lines and profiles as taken'


National Navy, then a privateer, then captured by the British (HMS Volage).

Historical armament :

  • French service : 22 x 9-pdr or carronades (?) 
  • British service : 22 x 32-pdr (carronades) 

Suggestion for in-game armament :  

  • 22 x 9-pdr (99 pdr)  gap 3
  • 22 x 32-pdr (carronades)

Sources : 



6) La confiance (22 x 9-pdr ?)

On 10/15/2017 at 11:54 PM, LeBoiteux said:

La Confiance

French Privateer Corvette


22 guns


@wagram : Lyon, The Sailing Navy List, p.275: "Lines and profiles 'as fitted' in 1806

Built in Bordeaux.

Historical armament : 

  • as a French privateer : 22 x (?)
  • as HMS Confiance (1805, 24 guns) : 22 x 18-pdr (carronades) + 2 x 6-pdr

Suggestion for in-game armament :   22 x 9-pdr (99 pdr) (gap 3)

Dimensions (imperial feet) : length of gundeck  = 117'0" ; breadth =  31'2 7/8" ; depth in hold = 14' 0" 

Notice the V-shaped hull.

Sources : https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=22705


7) Raae ( 18 x 8-pdr + 12 x 4-pdr)

On 10/16/2017 at 12:06 PM, LeBoiteux said:


Danish 9-pdr frigate

30 guns






Dimensions : 110 fod, 29 fod,

Crew :  140

Historical armament : 18 x 8-pdr + 12 x 4-pdr (96 pdr)

Suggestion for in-game armament (with 6-pdr replacing 4-pdr and 9-pdr replacing 8-pdr) (gap 3) :

  • 18 x 9-pdr + 6 x 6-pdr (99 pdr)
  • 18 x 9-pdr + 4 x 6-pdr (93 pdr)


8)Thais class (327 pounds with carro) and Cormorant revived - class (332 pounds with carro)

On 3/1/2019 at 4:15 PM, Malachi said:


It´s in german, obviously, but most of it should be self-explanatory. (K) means carronade, the (+1) is the Ranger, which was slightly longer than the rest of the Cormorant revived - class. Speaking of which, they and the Thais - class had a ridiculous broadside weight for their size, 332 pounds for the former and 327 for the latter.


And they didn´t look bad, either (that´s a draught for the Thais-class Comet)


Thx to the contributors !


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I like the overall idea. It would not hurt to get few additional shallow water ships.

Descubierta looks like a mini Bucentaure ♥ but the french ones really are ahead of the pack in terms of design...

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26 minutes ago, pietjenoob said:

And there are more good dutch 24-36 onedeck fregates with 9 pounders

I believe you.

12 minutes ago, Zlatkowar said:

Descubierta looks like a mini Bucentaure ♥ but the french ones really are ahead of the pack in terms of design...

Look at the Danish ones too (such as the Tranqvebar).  They are also REALLY nice. 🙂

9 minutes ago, Intrepido said:


Devs should invest their time and money on the king of the seas. The ships that make them sell copies.

That's a matter of taste. Everyone on the forum do know yours. 🙂 

They are. We'll have 3 new 1st Rates soon !

Like IRL, Sol and a small ship = not the same amount of investment !


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4 minutes ago, Intrepido said:

Devs should invest their time and money on the king of the seas. The ships that make them sell copies.

Haha. We´re getting three of those kings of the seas sailing barns anyway.

Frigates are love, frigates are life.

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can you confirm we are getting 3 new 1st rates? where

EDIT: answered below...

Edited by Teutonic

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9 minutes ago, Intrepido said:

3 new third rates.

Thx for the precision. 🙂

Now, fat Sols are asked to slowly leave this thread.

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French Corvette 24-gun La Créole

  • historical armament 20 30-pound carronades + 4  18-pounders
  • very well documented
On 6/28/2016 at 4:04 PM, Malachi said:











The Prince de Joinville on the poop deck of La Créole


(the ship to the left is La Créole)


length                                           38,22 m (125' 5')

breadth                                          9,70 m  (31' 10'')

depth in hold                                  5,15 m (16' 10'')

draught aft                                     4,52 m (14' 10'')

height of battery                             1,80 m  (5'11'')

length-to-breadth ratio                    3,94


20 30-pound carronades

 4  18-pounders



Ships in class

La Blonde/Jeanne Hachette 1832

Sailing characteristics (for her sister-ship La Blonde)

9 1/2  - 10 knots close-hauled, 12,5 knots large, 10 knots wind on the beam. Very maneuverable, carried her sail very well and liked medium to heavy conditions, in light winds her sailing qualities were described as 'ordinary'.

Service History

Laid down 1827, launched 1829. Took part in the Battle of Vera Cruz under the command of the Prince de Joinville. Struck 1847.

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