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Costa de Castilla

Pvp combat medal reward for boarding

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  • PvP kills now grant combat medals for kills and assists (base on damage dealt).


Does damage done to crew count aswell?, just curious if boarding will reward me with less then a regular brawl.


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24 minutes ago, Roronoa Sensei said:

If its like the old pvp marks system, then you have to sink the ship after boarding to get the full amount of pvp medals.

My questions is based on that I indeed sink the ship after boarding, sorry for being unclear.

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Ultimate prize


if you sink a ship you get medals....

if you board an enemy ship an take it to homeport the admiralty let you get verdict onboarding and hang you for it ...

stink for thanks... that's what i call it .

a completely wrong message to the captains of the fleet

it seems i live in a different world sometimes

The raid was a shocking, staggering success. Fifteen English ships were destroyed, three of eight big ships were burned, but most symbolically agonizing of all, the English flagship, HMS Royal Charles, was abandoned by its crew and captured by the Dutch without a single shot fired. They just took it, towing the entire ship with its royal crest-emblazoned stern back home with them, the ultimate war prize.


i understand this is a game of dumb pief paf poef bang bang bang  and thats it

or is it more ..?


if you give the ship to the shop admiralty you should be rewarded abundantly

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1 hour ago, Portuguese Privateer said:

Boarding and capturing a ship should reward you more than simply sinking it. in EXP, Reals and other types of rewards.

Definitely. Sinking enemy is good for the war effort. But capturing and using it by your own navy is far more useful.

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