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Feedback from a 2h-Man about Trade and Production

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So i'm one of the Famous 2h-Man (Kids, Family, Job - leaves me with 2h after everyone is in Bed-special Gamenights not included)

I do not run Alt currently, so this is from a one-Account-view

i own the Herucles DLC, wich i think is a must as a 2h Man to minimize Frustration. Wich is fine by me its not expensive.

I wanna give a litlle feedback about the current ways to make ingame (From my view).  Long, profitable Traderuns are not an option with 2h per Day, Risk is to high and it takes way to much time. If i have a Full gamenight it can be very well worth it, if you buy Tradegoods and fill up, with Delivery and Letter Missions for Dubloons.

Luckly there are niches for 2h-Man's. Since (as far as i know)  Repairs, Cannorrades and Long Gun only spawn in Capital Port and not in freeports, there is a constant need for those things in freeports like LT or LM. Player redeem or tow there ships there for PvP or PvE away from their Homewaters. All these ships need to be gunned and filled with Repairs.

 With 5 Outposts, ive been able to create  a Cannon and Repair productionline within close range to a certain Freeport. It takes me around 40min (If the Wind sucks)  to collect all the Ressources, Ship them to the Freeport craft the Repais and Cannons (wahtever is needed more, currently nobody else is doint it, so i got a monopol) and place the Contracts. After taht, i switch to my Frigate and join the Clan for PvP and PvE.  So far, 24h later everything has been sold, i collect the money maybe upgrade the Ressourcefacilites or  buy a new Ship. And do it all over again. I still upgrade my stuff, so i have not reached the maximum production yet (Still LH left after i crafted). But is already enough to cover my expenses and keep investing in more Facilities. Espacially since i dont have to buy Cannon or Repairs.  taht been said, i mostly use the Hercules for regualr PvP/PvE and only pull my bigger ships if i roam with the Clan.

Since Port do not produce Ressources anymore and its all Playerbased, i sell all my leftovers of Iron, Coal, Sugar and Woods in the Port i produce them. Crafters wich do not have a certain Ressource buy them.

My selling are increasing since Players now know that someone selling Ressource A in Port C on a regular base, so they tend to come back. And this short after the Patch. I believe this will work great after release when we got a bigger Playerbase again and more demand for these products.

i believe the playerbased Production is not an disadvantage for a 2h Man, but a change to get Real in short time, wihle providing  Ressources and needs to player with more Time.


So in Short: Playerbased Production for the Win! There need to be some Ports wich spawn Ressouces just in case, but it shoud come from the Player. It "employees" Players and  gives them an good income and adds Tactical options in Warfare!


More of it!





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for myself and my clan this seems to be a similar experience. 

Whenever someone asks me what they should do with resources, or how to make money, I always steer them to repairs and cannons. They are easy to make, and every player wants them.

I think the largest problem at the moment is that we have a large ratio or players who love to hoard things, they only ever buy stuff and they don't sell. This makes it difficult to find markets anywhere outside the Capital/freetown areas. As you say though, with a larger population this will probably help stir the pot and create more market shops.

Glad to see though that you have "made it" in terms of finding a niche and making it work for you. Other players both young and old should follow the guideline and do the same.

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