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Costa de Castilla

Scale pvp reward

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Devs and Captains,


While browsing forum i read something that caught my attention, @Wraith said.

"Alternatively, you scale rewards to promote better players to seek out better players, and encourage worse players to continue to feed themselves to equal and better players because that low probability of success is massively rewarded when it happens."


I think this would be a great idea, not sure how it would be done but might be worth looking into.

 Pro's generally tend to surround themselves with other pro's, and like to sink many ships (generally non-pro's).  More then often there can be several groups of really skilled pvp'ers out hunting, but instead of looking eachother out they end up fighting random groups of average players. And absolutely nothing wrong with that, and i am not saying they scared of fighting eachother because on occassion I see pro's clash with other pro's, and those are the good fights. But I think they tend to avoid eachother if they can because also consider themselves pro-buddies even cross nation so, so they prefer sinking players they don't know and with less skill.

Encourage them to "look" for other pro's because the reward much better it would be healthier pvp I think.


Just a thought, something to consider in the future.:).


Fair winds








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