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Redeeming Xp on a different server



I have a friend that played some wipes ago on the PvP server, and he came back and heard that the PvE Xp would be safe on release, so he wanted to redeem his Xp on the PvE server and play on that server until release, and on release he'll have the option to play on the PvP from scratch like everybody else, but also to play on the PvE with what he already had.

The problem is that when he went to redeem his Xp it wasn't there, He is able to redeem it on the PvP server, but not on the PvE server. When he selected the PvP server it showed he already had a character created (Although a random nation he hadnt played), but the Xp was there. And when he selected the PvE server he didnt have a character, he had to create one, and when he did the Xp wasnt on the redeemables tab.

I did the same thing, but when i selected the PvE server i already had a character created and was able to redeem the xp for it (even though ive never played on the PvE server i might have created the character at some point).

Is it a matter of you cant redeem Xp for a server in which you didnt have a character created?

I wanna know if you can solve this because he doesnt want to start the game again and i just want more people to play it.

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If he never played on PvE server before the merge/wipes and all that than he never had a char there and no stored XP.   At one time the xp was shared between the servers, but you had to have a char made on that server for it to share it.  

Remember if he does the Final Exam it will give him Master Commander level and some goodies.  So might want to check on that if devs can't help him.

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