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Login screen as a platform for communicating upcoming changes

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I want to suggest a better and more accessible way of communicating upcoming changes, updates, changelogs, to reach everyone playing the game.

As there might be a lot of people out there playing the game but not reading or even knowing about the forums, I would like to propose a little window on the login screen in blog style new's bulletins giving the latest information about changes regarding the game. This would reach everyone playing the game and at the same time (with embedded links to the forum threads) encourage players to get more involved into the discussion and the community.

What do you think?

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different game had an interesting format I liked. gave twitter updates, patch info links etc. I know the forums aren't universally known ingame and global chat is a weird place to get info from.


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Are the devs forbidden by steam from communicating with us via email or at least steam message?

They really should communicate major patches to the entire purchaser base. 

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