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Looks good!!  I clearly see army building and technology elements of UG:CW in there. 

@sterner Can you give us any idea of when alpha/beta testing will start?


oops - just saw your response in the other thread - thanks!

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I find the regiment flags really successful :wub:  I imagine it in another era , a flag with the same color , but with more star , 13 exactly , floating on the battlefield , a young country , who knows his first Civil War , a random date ,  say between           ---- 1861- 1865 ----                Ok I'll stop

Infantry units are diversified and very well rendered , I imagine it in another e.........................



but that's for sure I'm going to buy it , I hope you will not as cruel to the cavalry this time :angry:






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Looks like NA and Ultimate General had a baby, and it is a really, really beautiful one.  This is shaping up to be a dream game come true.  Few comments / questions after perusing the new site:

  • One thing that seemed very off in the battle video was the sail animation, with speed reduction seeming to go from topmost to bottommost sails and ships often left fighting with only main sails set. This looks very strange. The main (lowest) sails should be taken in first, then topgallant (highest) and finally top (middle) sails.  It is arguable that ships should even fight a close action with main sails set as this greatly increased the chance of fire (could be an interest mechanic / trade-off for using full sails in combat).  See “battle sails” as below: 


  • Will there be European and Continental American environments also?  Everything shown so far seems to be tropical / Caribbean.
  • More smoke please.  Lots more.
  • Will shallows, reefs and other underwater topography play a role in battles?  This was a huge influence on ship-to-shore operations and could offer up a great deal of tactical variety in gameplay, with smaller (or shallower drought) ships being required in certain circumstances.
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