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Idea: NA-OW Editor

Short Version at the bottom of the post…


Grab a glass of red, you’ll probably need it.

I’ve noticed heavy feedback lately about lack of content or RvR. I want to suggest an idea if possible, first to use in PvE that then could help the Dev’s with wider campaigns into PvP as well.



The Idea: Is to allow a player base program like an EDITOR or SDK that’ll allow them to build mission scenarios of their own. This can be replayed via STEAMs Workshop for friends and others to also try.

I’ve mentioned this idea before. Is this possible in concept @Ink or @admin ? I know it’ll be a lot of work but would be less work than writing all your own campaigns and mission threads. Please watch these two old ARMA2 YouTube videos. They’re only 5 minutes each.

The ARMA editor has changed a lot and is much easier to use now, but I wanted to show you the nuts and bolts here.

Parts 1&2 both 5mins each




Use PvE first…

Use the PvE server first for obvious reasons. Templated Campaigns and designs by players could be built for restricted rank access or multi-fleet composition needs in order to fore full the walkthrough.


Let me know what you think, good or bad…


Norfolk nChance [ELITE]


ARMA III Editor evolutions





Short Version:

Thursday night after a bottle of white Cloudy Bay and a couple of lines, Mrs. nChance and I have roleplay. What makes it work is the storyline and scenarios and outfits and tools or input. The more input we put in the better the outcome…

The same is true in NA. The ability to build content scenarios to play out could heighten the enjoyment of open world.

However, always agree on that safe word first…!


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It could be very interesting on the PvE server to make the currently-implemented simple kill, letter, etc. missions more complex, adding agressive enemy bots on the road, giving a mission several goals (deliver a letter + patrolling +...), etc.

But that requires a tremendous investment for GL devs. Will it be their future priority ?

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@LeBoiteux said...

But that requires a tremendous investment for GL devs. Will it be their future priority ?

Ordinarily I’d agree. However, the Dev’s must have already an overlay interface for the program. I doubt they hard coded the tutorial progression missions as an example.  

I’ve seen some stunning work already on U-Dread, and with @sterner and his progress on just the first phases of U-Admiral. To design an SDK overlay in which to design and playout RvR player-built content actually doesn’t seem a tremendous investment in either time or Money.

It could help solve a lot of issues regarding content. Unfortunately, neither @Ink or @admin have replied to say either way. Which of course is their prerogative.



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