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Ship models anyone?

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I never saw any use in a plank bender. Probably it helps with planks of thickness of 2 mm and more, but I consider your boats have thinner ones, that possibly will be broken with this gear. Such planks need only to be put in boiling water to be bent as you want.

Really the most essential tool is a sanding bar with elliptical section to shape concaved sites at bow and stern. But I did not ever meet it somewhere, so I took a wooden grip for a hammer, cut it to pieces and wrapped with a sand paper.

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Hull planking almost done, but still without upper belts due to lack of reference:


Meanwhile DeAgostini has provided one more quest that hangs me up: planks for outer planking are of the same lime-wood as for the inner one, not a bit in common with walnut shown at the cover image. Thus either there will be a 3rd layer or I will have to paint the outer planking. Hard to tell what would be more ridicilous...

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Текст куда-то пропал.

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