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Hey guys, 

I didn't' see one of these so I figured I'd start it! 

So I started an easy union campaign and have gotten all the way to Gettysburg. Only problem is I'm not feeling any challenge anymore and was wondering if anyone could upload a file around the same point on one of the harder difficulties from the union perspective. 

Or really any point around Gettysburgh for either side really! I figure this thread will come in handy for anyone who doesn't want to replay parts of the campaign.  

The first save I'm uploading is my Union campaign. It's on easy,  I have 4 full corps and 1 half corps, almost 130,000 hardened union troops who haven't seen defeat yet. Have fun and remember - post your saves here!

You can find your save files at C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs\Ultimate General Civil War\Save


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