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Patch 30: Ships of the Line - Rulers of the Sea

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Captains. MEGA Patch is being deployed today on 28th February!

Contents of the patch.

Localization has been officially added. 

  • You can change the language of the game in the options menu.
  • Localization is not complete!– as new content has been added in the last 1.5 months – this will be translated soon
  • Custom files for all languages has been added. They can be used by community translators or yourself to improve things you do not like to completely change language
  • There are issues in some translations due to the fact that outside firm was - but they will eventually be fixed, with help of community. 

Battle UI

  • Battle UI has been freshened up.
  • All Battle UI has been moved to one technology set (slightly increasing FPS in battles)
  • Boarding is no longer showing enemy commands.
    • Boarding UI might need another pass of improvements based on your general feedback.
  • You can now use buttons [ ] during boarding that will allow your ship to fire point blank broadsides.
  • All buttons have received informational tooltips, which you can read by putting your mouse over the buttons

Combat model

  • Ships of the line will now rule the seas. No longer ships of the line will fear light corvettes.
  • Damage model has been adjusted.
  • Inverse DPS problems has been fixed (previously 4lb guns had higher DPS than 42lb guns)
  • Reload shocks issues were fixed. You will get them regularly if you maximize damage in short periods of time.
  • Lower rank NPCs turning has been adjusted (previously they turned like experienced rear admirals when they should not have).
    • Additional tunings to NPC combat will be applied soon. 
  • Turn rates were lowered across the board for most vessels, to support the precise deliberate combat model (low level ships turned like they were on drugs)
  • Additional improvements to speeds and turning will be deployed next week.

PVP and ROE changes (rules of engagement)

  • To increase number of PVP opportunities the following change has been made.
  • Open world battles for the weaker side (based on BR) are open for 20 minutes. You can reinforce the weaker side if you are sailing by. The mission will close and swords disappear once BR evens out (with certain % threshold)
    • if you want to get help stay closer to friendly entry points.
    • If you are ganked, call for help in chat, people can help you. Of course just like tracers in ww2 this feature works both ways. If you attack in force your target might get reinforcements, changing the course of the battle.
  • Overall goal is to give more pvp opportunities to captains
  • Combat Medals were introduced. Combat medals will be granted for PVP activities, and will give access to pvp rewards.

Port importance for clans and rare resource spawns

  • Changes to rare woods spawns and access
    • Rare woods resources now only have limited trading spawns in the Carribean.
    • Rare woods forests can now randomly spawn somewhere in the Caribbean in limited quantities. (can be fully exhausted)
    • These rare woods now can be received by clans using delivery missions
    • Сlans and clans on their allies list have access to these missions
    • Getting rare woods by using missions reduces their supply. One supply is fully cut down the forest will spawn elsewhere in another port. 
    • Rare woods are: Live oak, white oak, bermuda cedar, teak, mahogany, caguarian, sabicu.

Protected areas

  • Redundant protections removed from secondary protected areas (like Louisiana or Vera Cruz and Belize)
  • Additional improvements of the protected areas will be done next patch


  • Trading will be more available
  • Resources spawn distribution is now better and ability to place contracts on trading goods removed.
  • Additional regional goods added
  • Selling goods far from the purchase place will make more money (buying something in Trinidad and selling it in the gulf will make a lot of money
    • This of course means that short distance routes will no longer make too much money
  • Barter added (but not yet tuned properly – will be fixed in the next hotfix). It will increase supply of trading goods 


  • PVP hunt missions added
  • Solo PVP patrol zone added
    • In the solo patrol zone you can only be attacked by the ship of the same class and battle will close immediately.
  • Passenger delivery missions added
  • Letter delivery missions added
  • Clan delivery missions added
  • Mission rewards increased 

Better PVE – More accessible PVE

  • NPC fleet placements slightly adjusted (gulf suffered, but all other regions will generally see more NPCs – we will fix the gulf problem later)
  • Missions are now based on regions (less on port type)
    • For example Hispaniola is a 1-3rdrate region. It will only give missions for 1-3rdrate. 
  • Missions are now unlimited – if you finish your initial set of missions you can take new ones. No longer we will force you waste time on sailing to another to find additional supply of missions.
  • Missions spawns are significantly improved – time is precious - you will no longer spend 20-30 mins reaching the mission. Missions will no longer spawn on other sides of large land masses.
  • Group missions added (enemy types and rewards are not yet fully balanced- some missions might be very hard)
    • warning - group missions enemies and rewards are not tuned properly. but feel free to try them.

Other changes

  • Sextant perk is now provided automatically by default to all new accounts
  • Fleet perk for 1 ship is now added to all accounts by default (so new players can go straight to capping and looting)
  • Small amount of low level NPC enemies were added around Capitals to provide additional opportunities for new players
  • UI scaling options added to the game
  • Additional flags added to DLC for some nations
  • 1 flag was added to admiralty store for some nations, in the next couple of patches all nations will have 1 flag in the admiralty available for doubloons.
  • Prices for basic resources were adjusted, blueprints for ships were adjusted to support the new damage model. Some balance issues with blueprints were fixed.
  • Labor hours will be adjusted too in the next hot fix (did not get in this patch).
    • NEXT HOTFIX Labor hours spent on crafting frigates and below will be significantly reduced. Labor hours generation WILL be increased 2.5times.


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Please provide general feedback on the notes and patch in this topic


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HOTFIX 1st March


  • United States renamed as USS United States
  • Added rare woods to the admiralty on the Peace Server
  • Slightly rebalanced prices for rare woods for admiralty and clan delivery missions. 
  • Prices for ship notes in admiralty changed to Combat Medals
  • Rewards in solo patrol and PVP Hunt rebalanced
  • Labor hours costs of ships changed (drastically reduced for ships below 4th rates, slightly reduced for other vessels) more ships = more pvp
  • Labor hours distribution greatly increased - players now get 2400 labor hours per day
  • Labor hours storage greatly increased
  • Labor contract blueprint added to Academy
  • Labor contract price increased in the Admiralty 


  • Fix the localization bug that made all frigate ports shallow. 
  • Fixed the bugs that allowed to enter group missions from anywhere
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Weekend hotfix

Fixed the bug which caused structure to become invulnerable after repairing. 

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Hotfix 5th March

Captains - hotfix was deployed today on 5th March

  • Optimization works were applied to shots and ship auctions (should not drop FPS as much as before)
  • Daily patrol now grants combat medals 
  • Demasting through raking will be happening slightly more often than before
  • New player - What to do - now lists mission and NPC locations
  • United States and Constitution has been moved to 3rd rates
  • Indefatigable has been moved to 4th rates
  • Distance modifiers removed from repairs and some resources for upgrade crafting
  • Rebalanced some prices in the admiralty
  • Increased difficulty for group missions and tuned rewards (additional tunings will be done this and next week)
  • Fixed bug of duplicate images for 2 flags in British DLC
  • Fixed bug that was causing incorrect numbers of guns in ship decks (in equipment screen)
  • Fixed bug that removed texts in challenges after rescaling
  • Fixed bug that did not count the lack of crew on fleet ships
  • Fixed bug that was counting kills in kill missions for hunt missions
  • Fixed bug that was showing the clan resources to everyone 
  • Fixed bug for incorrect icons for doubloons in shop
  • Multiple other localization issues fixed.

Resource wipe will happen within 2 days on 6th or 7th march.

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Hot fix 30.1 is being deployed today

  • Group missions were temporarily removed for final fixing the entry bug and rebalance.
    • Enemies and the rewards will be balanced when they come back.
  • Ship access changes
    • Wasa is now crafteable (with permit)
    • Christian is now crafteable (with permit)
    • Rattlesnake is now crafteable (with permit)
    • All ship notes were temporarily removed from the admiralty for further balancing
    • Best ships in every class will now require permits to craft them
      • Some permits can be acquired in the admiralty for Combat Medals
      • All permits will be attainable from Captain or Gold chests for free
      • Reason for this change is simple: the only way to make certain ships rare is to get them attainable only through certain activities important to the game. (this does not apply to Peace server as all ships are capturable there)
  • Peace server combat medal conversions:
    • Doubloons to Combat Medals conversion added (the rate is not final and will be tuned based on the market situation within 1-2 weeks)
  • Wipe applied


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Hot fix 13th March

Solo patrol fix.
Solo patrol damage was also counted in the general patrol, some captains abused this mechanic in the solo patrol area. As a result solo patrol damage is now applied only if you managed to kill the opponent.

Repairs changes. 
We have found that many players were spending quite some time returning to ports to refill repairs.
Time should be spent on combat - as a result repairs now repair 300hp instead of 100hp, reducing the pressure to constantly come back to port to pick them up.
Cost of repairs remained the same for now. 


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Hotfix 14th March.

  • PvP kills now grant combat medals for kills and assists (base on damage dealt).
  • Fixed the bug that was counting kills in tutorials for hunt missions
  • Clan delivery missions now deliver to your ship hold if you have no outpost in the city, even if you do not have enough hold space (this way you won't ever lose them if you exit the port by mistake). We also plan to add trading ship to basic NPC ship sales so you can buy it and add to fleet if to split resources between you fleet ships.
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Hotfix was deployed today 19th March

Contents of the hotfix

  • PvP Missions
    • Hunt tasks are now given in groups of ships instead of individual class
      • 1-3rd rates
      • 4-5th rates
      • 6-7th rates
    • rewards are still in the process of balance
  • Tutorial changes
    • Endurance exam player ship replaced from brig to Rattlesnake
    • Endurance exam spawn distance increased from 500 to 800m
    • Final exam player ship replaced from Cerberus to Surprise
  • Fire changes
    • Fire damage to hull and structure reduced
    • Fire spread from getting hit by cannonballs increased
    • You will see ships explode more under focused fire, and they will burn out much slower.
  • Lootable chests contents rebalanced and slightly improved. PVP chests are now the fastest way to acquire books and combo book parts.
  • Solo patrol radius decreased
  • Fixed the bug that occasionally blocked entry to patrol battles (especially in shallow low BR patrol battles)
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