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Exciting times ahead - pre-release wipes information

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Hello Captains This is an advance warning on the turbulent 1-2 months ahead of us. In the next patch we will introduce significant changes to trading, damage model, mission distribution, port

People also thought asbestos was good for your house.  Yes we said it, but the previous proposal was thought to be great (and we defended it to the end) but we now realised that it will make things

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On 2/26/2019 at 11:54 PM, admin said:


What remains unaffected

  • All seaworthy assets: ships, cannons, upgrades, books, or unopened chests will NOT be affected or removed.


With unopened chests mentionend, are those the silver and gold chests ?!

And what about unopened Sealed Bottles ???

Will all of those 3 things stay ???


Thx for the clarification :) 

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42 minutes ago, Draymoor said:

Atm books are staying. Better for you?

Just sound closer to the truth. By not makeing any statement, nobody can be disappointet. Fact is if admin want to changes this in to a game abouth dressing Dolls, Well then it Will. We actually dosent know if it ever get out of EA.

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3 hours ago, o7Captain said:

Just to clarify. Learned books stay even after final wipe ?

Admin stated on page one of this very thread that it is "certain" that books / skill books will remain safe and granted to all EA testers along with the free Pandora DLC. Now with the xp wipe there is a chance they double back on this too but considering the outrage about the xp wipe, the outcome would be even worse. I know why admin decided for the xp wipe and how hard the decision must have been and I agree about it being better for the game but I am still a bit disappointed about the broken promise to the community. I hope he will at least keep his word on the books.

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I am not going to miss my Rank XP as much as my Crafting XP. And I don’t think I’ll be alone in this sentiment. Crafted ships of any size are going to become extremely rare for a long time.

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Wipe clans...

Call them Squadrons or something... 


Not happy after spending 1100 hours traveling back and forth between ports to finally attain Rear Admiral to lose it all.  You used to not get rank for crafting but you got crafting level now I will lose my 50 status, though that matters less as you need victory permits to build big ships and clans lock people out of those battles.   I started with a cutter only twice in this game .. have to wonder . will it be a turn off for new players to find nobody here?

Between locked open world battles in less than 2 minutes and excluded Port Battles no wonder players give this game up by the thousands.  I will be happy if you can deliver enough letters to get a victory permit maybe.


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29 minutes ago, Barbancourt said:

Books should be removed as well.  We won't have knowledge slots to put them in anyway. 

Then I guess we should not get any upgrade drops when we sink ships if we don't have any ships to put them on. *Logic*

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On 2/27/2019 at 3:36 PM, admin said:

we will leave 100k in the clan warehouse.

100k : 4k = 25 days : 19 Ports = goodbye all my lovely Ports  😅


but dont really have problem with it^^


but of course havoc will keep all ports cause taxes will be high as always ;)


good decision is to wipe ship xp. if i have to grind rank its more fun to level some ships on the way


How to get christian after wipe? 

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47 minutes ago, o7Captain said:

What you said makes no sense at all

Removing the knowledge slots we all grinded so lovingly makes no obvious sense either.  Might as well go whole hog for a fresh start without the elite clans having the initial advantage of Art of Shiphandling, Gunnery Encyclopedia, Five Rings, whatever the other mega books are, etc.

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11 hours ago, Joernsson said:

Lord of the Admiralty was no military rank, it was a political job afaik

My Lords of the Admiralty are actually Admirals of the Fleet, this enables any Sea Lord to hold seniority or parity with the Admirals under their command, with the exception of the First Sea Lord who is a political appointee, he may be a serving Officer, or, a politician, Sir Winston Churchill held the position twice during his political career.  If a Sea Lord is actually a Lord in his own right, (a member of the Peerage) then he also holds a seat in the House of Lords, as does any Officer who is a member of the Peerage. 

The Sea Lords are titles, not ranks, in the same way that FONAC (Flag Officer Naval Air Command) or FOST (Flag Officer Sea Training) are.

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'bout a wipe, i dont feel bad to wipe all for release, start like every one, vets/noobs, i rarely sailed purple or gold ships (most of mine are Oak or Sabicu/Crew space blue), never had this f***in' book of five rings or any elite mods...

But we can easily got a rank/crews by passin' tutos and exams (just take a night to do) and sail a ship we could get on Redeemable... Not so hard for a vet, we know how to play this game, but for a noob, 'll be harder to sail a Snow or a Surp like vets do!

And dont forget, the meta is'nt the mod/book or the ship ye use, it's how ye know and how to use it (wind, roll, cannons, knowin' yer enemy, etc...), hope all vets know that, it's a big advantage for a new startin' (and after)... :)

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Using the word "guaranteed" in the statements about xp is the issue. It is not like saying "we hope" or "we intend" where circumstances might change. Guarantee has transactional meaning - short of a company going into liquidation or receivership it means we will honour our commitment. 

Well that's a first - my last post seems to have disappeared. 

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I find it interesting that this game takes place in a time period of the American Revolution and the French Revolution where peasants and colonists felt unrepresented and oppressed by the ruling parties, revolted and instituted a republic, both of which are still standing.   

In the end what we learned from these two historical events is that humans can understand basic rights and wrongs, and can become frustrated when basics wrongs are not corrected, basic wrongs are imposed or basic rights not honored or recognized.  We must endeavor to avoid such things even if we are in position of power.  

With that said . . .

I think most rational peasants, um I mean gamers, can come to realization that at the start of the release when new folks are coming to play the game for the first time that all need to be on the same level, especially in the game like Naval Action which by its very nature gives benefits to those who have complied assets.   The basic rights here goes to the new comers (same playing field).  Check.

As the same time, we must endeavor to recognize that these very assets take time to accumulate and are not just given to them by the game.  As such, there has been a great deal of human time and at times human toil to gather these assets.   And simply put some folks simply do not want to see all of that human time go in vain. 

Secondly, and perhaps just as important, the folks that toiled to help this game through EA should not have to be required to repeat an action whereas newcomers need only do it once.   Indeed, these newcomers could have bought the game in EA.

With the above said asking the EA folks to throw away time spent is a basic wrong, and naturally will cause some frustration among the peasants, even if some wish them to just eat cake.

A happy compromise has already been presented and should be honor to avoid a basic wrong (human time in vain) and honor a basic right (folks get what they earned and worked for).   And this is to delay the restitution of these assets until such time as the new comers have, or have had an opportunity to, come up to speed with the ones to be restituted.

This will honor the basic rights of both, new comers being on a level playing field and vets not losing human time in vain.  At the same it will avoid basic wrongs, vets being way ahead of new comers at the start and vets not having to repeat something they already done when new comers are only asked to do it once.

For me this solution is extremely straight forward and would make both sides of the isle happy and make for a happy players base; and perhaps more importantly, honor and respect your fellow man and her rights.   This is not one of contractual rights, promissory estoppel rights, or what one may or may not have said, but an understanding of basic rights and wrongs.

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On 2/28/2019 at 6:53 AM, admin said:

We declared that statement in 2015. We repeated the promise multiple times every year, planning to keep it because it made sense then. And even defended it when many loyal supporters we asking for the wipe, making many of them angry. 

But it indeed stopped making sense. And we are upfront saying this in advance - this promise no longer make sense thus it will be retracted for the pvp server. This is how your message reads to me: keep the stupid promise that stopped making sense, even if it is not good for the game. 

Reset does not make sense on the PVE server - thus PVE server won't be reset
Reset makes a lot of sense on the War server - … lets do what makes sense.


Admin you may wish to read my immediately preceding post on this matter for a larger picture of my point . . . 

In the end you wish to do what make sense.  What makes sense here Admin is to do what is fundamentally right and which is to recognize that there are competing rights and wrongs but which can be addressed with a simple compromise that will honor rights of all and avoid all wrongs.

I spent a great deal of time becoming RA and 50 lvl crafter and do not want to see that go in vain.  I fully understand the need for all to be on the same playing field at the release.

However, as previously mentioned a delayed release of redeemed assets until a time that the new comers have, or have had an opportunity to, come up to speed is the really only fair solultion for all.

It will protect the rights of the new comers and honor the time spent by vets.

Could you please explain to me why this is not a fundamentally fair solution? 

And if you can not, why not institute it to ensure that all players are happy? 

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I would just like to add.  We all greatly appreciate the time the Devs put into this game and to make it a really fun game to play.  It fills a nice niche in the gaming community and we are all thankful for you guys bringing this game to the gaming community.   Much appreciated.   Great job. 

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It's been fairly obvious that we are all testers in this PRE_RELEASE version of the game.  Just add me to the list of people who have enjoyed all aspects of the game, have had some issues with the mechanics but never even considered rage-quitting (lol), and look forward to whatever comes along full wipe or not.  This is a gorgeous game with enough ego buffs to compensate for the moments like my first Bellona getting ganked by a pack of Danes :)  .. can't wait for the release-candidate!

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I would like to take some time and also tip my hat to the developers because they are the best, the most awesome amazing people, they’re beautiful and everything that they do is perfect. There, all of you fanboys had an orgasm already??!! 

Now to serious matters. If you’re going to do a full wipe don’t half ass it. Books gotta go too. They are what make the difference in pvp besides huge skill difference.

Don’t be afraid to lose the rest of the little population we still have and stand by your convictions. Wipe it all. We’ll be back in this situation a month later anyway.

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On 2/27/2019 at 12:19 PM, MassimoSud said:

Dear developers,
in my country we say "a promise is a promise, there is no excuse!".
It s not enough to add the sentence "expect the worst" to make a promise become "words in the wind" (forgive my frankness, but it is the least you can expect)
However personally I am in favor of the total wipe to release but with the exclusion of books and shipknowledges on the different ships, I'm not going to spend more time in this "boring" phase of the game.
Try to think to this "concession" as a gift for our "loyalty" to your game, I do not care for free DLc, my time is worth much more than € 15 of course.
I bought almost all the dlc (very strange considering that NA is a game in EA), I avoided "le broken" that remains a hateful ship (it's just my opinion) and the forged papers (because I feel good in the nation in which I am).
I bought these DLCs to economically support (in my small) your project, and I do not regret having bought those (at least until now), I will also buy the others (I hope there will be aesthetic and not ships) always with the same intent.
I made a positive review of your game on steam, the only review I've ever done even if I own several games besides yours, always with the intent of helping the project. It was not easy, the temptation to change it in negative has been strong on several occasions.
It's not a secret, I do not like how you treat your customers, I do not like the tone with which you address us in the forum, but also with this I can live with, because I think your game is one of the best games in my library (even with all the faults it has).

What I can not stand is that this game could be one of the best games on the market, but every now and then it seems you do something to make sure it is not!
I'll try to explain:
1. for veterans (who have invested many hours in your game): experience is a factor that certainly continues to be a reason to continue playing (experience is an advantage that you can not cancel, even with a wipe, unless you can convince us to cancel our brains). So at the release the advantage of the experience will always be there in relation to new players. What a veteran will never accept is to repeat the "boring" parts of the game (excuse me, but there are). So leave us the shipknowledges on ships and books and we will all be happy to start again in basic cutters, sure that once the rank is unlocked we will return to sail with our favorite ships as if there had never been a wipe! As I said, think of this as a recognition for our fidelity! Otherwise "expect the worst" as you love to say often in your posts.
2. for new players: it is right to have a start from scratch for everyone (at least on "paper"), but this could be true in the first two weeks maybe, then there will still be a difference between who started the first day and who arrived after. You know very well that there are players "used" to play in the same clan for months (some for years), do you think they will not continue to do so even after the release? How do you think you can prevent this? So there will always be a difference between organized and "skilled" players and new players approaching the game for the first time (another advantage for veterans I would say). Too bad you had the good idea of encouraging membership of a clan just to help new players, another good idea abandoned? What will change for new players if veterans will keep shipknowledges and books? I believe very little or nothing!

At the release we should all wish that:
1. veterans continue to play (they have always shown "loyalty" to the game, why not reward it)
2. a return of old players (recalled by veterans who are still playing)
3. a mass entry of new players (this for the sake of the game and your finances I would also say)

But if the servers will be deserted (because the veterans will decide to leave for example), there will not even be new players!
Let us remember that now the main problem of the game are the low numbers of online players !. Two or more years ago there were 2,000 players online in prime time, this was enough to "hide" the "defects" of the game itself! Now, with the small numbers that are there, everything seems a huge flaw!

Thank you for your attention and commitment in the development of your / our game!
"Ad maiora semper!"

@admin this is a good opinion id say

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I am excited to see the changes you are making!
I think the economy improvements, mission redistribution and new port aspects are perfect for the game.

However, I have a slight problem with the new damage model.
Don't get me wrong...I think many aspects of it are great. For example, the damage output of 1st and 2nd rates is spot on. If feels much more realistic when I sail along side a frigate and decimate his armor, structure and crew with one broadside. 
On the other hand, the damage done to 1st rates by 3rd and 2nd rates does not feel very balanced. My tanky L'Ocean lost 3/4 of its side armor and 1/3 of its structure to 1 broad side at distance of a Buc.... and 1/2 side armor and 1/4 structure to a 3rd rate broad side.
  While this may be realistic to Real Life, I feel it is unbalanced for the game.
At this point, I see no reason to use 1st Rates.  They seem to be no more durable than a tanky 2nd rate and are much slower.

In my opinion, 1st rates need to be godlike.  Not invincible by any means. But a lone AI Buc should not make me need to pop a repair with 1 broad side.

Also, it feels that the build type of ships makes little to no difference.  My LO/WO Belona seems to lose armor just as fast as my Fir/Fir Belona. I miss the old system.

@admin  Please keep up the good work!  And PLEASE wipe EVERYTHING! Books included.
All I ask is for you to take a minute to consider lowering the damage done to 1st rates.

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MassimoSud you are totally right
They promised it, and it stays that way.
I lost more than 300 million gold in the previous wipe. Now, should I lose everything?
The fact is that by absolutely nonsensical changes people out of the game.
Only 400 on the server!

You want to force everyone to do this nonsensical PvP, so you promote the farming of low ranks.
How should newbies level up with this senseless system of missions?

Kiev did not understand what 95% of all players / customers want:
-Build ships
and also PvP.

You only support small clans with a nonsense BR system.
Why did you shut down the Allied system?
Reasoning one would get more PvP need namely the unrealistic 1vs1.

Question are Pb's and Screening Battle's not PvP?
Only in these battles equal or better players are to be found and the danger is considerably greater to be sunk than at low rank abfarmen.

And what did the Dev´s do?
- promotes Harcore PvP players who farm low rank in the main capital zones.
-Reason several smaller ships give the same number as a ship higher level-quite easy.
The PvP players here therefore do not compete against each other.
The post's of these people influence the direction in which the game is going.
The proof is the reintroduction of the PvP brands!
As Dev you should have all the players in mind and not the loudest shouting in Post´s/Mail's.
We lost several 10000 players.Why??
You think you get them back! Really?

According to the Dev's post, the game is our common house where we build.
This house is about to collapse!
Why do you work only a small group (<2% of all players)?
It should be our common house!
Is it that or just the house of the Dev's and this little group?

I have spent more than 5000H in this game and now I want to banish it because the will of some goes beyond the will of many?
Please comment on this post from Kiev.

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Please change the mechanic for leveling up the ship knowledge. We should level for ship rates and not for single ship types. So e.g. leveling the Endymion should include leveling ship knowledge for every other 5th rate.

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