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How to survive the final battle of Washington???

Salty Sails

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Salty Sails,

Here was my solution that worked for me.

Good luck to you!


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Although not as skilled as some, I have won the Battle of Washington as CSA a number of times at the lowest level (COLONEL), and have now found a way that I can win on the BG-Level of difficulty.

After winning thru Cold Harbor on CSA BG-level, I was looking several times at losses at Washington as I just did not have enough infantry troops to last thru the 2nd day when the Feds come at you with the rest of their practically double my 80,000 beginning infantry. 

When re-starting CSA camp after Cold Harbor this time, I applied the 22,000 replacement Soldiers into as many artillery units as I could.  The thinking was similar to what Napoleon faced during 1813-1814 -- when the troop quality and numbers go down, one has to raise overall firepower by increasing your number of big guns, which is what I went for in lieu of filling out solely with infantry as I had been doing - one artillery battalion per division (as suggested by some in this forum).  This time I was creating divisions with 2-3 artillery battalions each.  Then, I raised the infantry numbers in each division with the remaining replacement troops.  4 corps - 4 divisions - 4, 3, or 2 brigades per division (generally 3 per division - 1800 infantry - 1600 - 1600).

I did gain the Grand Victory in this manner, with Fed numbers at 160,554 infantry and 812 guns, with losses of 109,306 infantry, 421 guns, and 11,515 missing.  CSA numbers started at 79,919 infantry, 805 guns, with losses of 42,160 infantry and 227 guns.  I do point out the immense satisfaction of attacking forts on the first day with enough artillery to force the defending infantry on the walls back away from their positions prior to sending in surrounding infantry.  (During my losses, I had to send in infantry to storm the forts, with the attendant losses rapidly building up.)  When playing defense on the second day, it was my large number of CSA cannons that enabled me to hold lines and fortifications.



1.  Bought maximum available 24 lb howitzers and 20 lb Parrots before battle

2.  Tactic: NEVER allow Fort DeRussy, Fort Stevens, and the fort in the southeast to be 100% surrounded

3.  Place infantry brigades in forts on ground level ONLY.  Use the brigade's skirmisher unit on the wall to minimize casualties to artillery.  During a Federal storming assault, THEN bring your fresh infantry brigade onto the top of the wall.  In addition, aim your remaining brigades inside fort at the coming assault location and they will help rout the attacking force using their weapons.

4. For DeRussy, Fort Stevens, and the fort in the southeast, use 4-5 artillery battalions - in the artillery positions and on top of the rear walls.  Use the small howitzers with their short range as a unit in the center of the fort to help repel attackers.

5.  Place a 20 lb Parrot battalion on the rear wall of each of the three primary forts.  With their power and extreme range use them primarily in counter-battery to keep the Fed artillery at arm's-length and attrit them.  Placement in the rear tends to keep them from becoming primary targets of the AI.

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16 hours ago, Salty Sails said:

Any suggestion or advices, how to survive the final battle??? 

What kind of units for main attack, secondary attack and both flanks!? 

What tactics do you prefer? Very defensive or aggressiv? 

Pls post your ideas with some screenshots! 



I achieved victory at Washington. On BG level. See my post of the 5 October 2018.

If you scroll down you will see the numbers and the make up of my army. I did not use any cavalry.

I fielded 4 Corps. Two were strong. They were used aggressively to ensure objectives were held.

After that I was achieved I only defended. I had the fort on my left flank only lightly defended. The other forts were maned with in a little more strength.

What was then left. Was used to defend Washington. I pulled all available troops back to the city. This caused a delay in the Union troops reaching the city. Wasting time. In trying to retake the city the Union made various assaults. But due to the defensive strength in the city I was able to hold on. The final hour seemed a to go very slowly and it was nip and tuck. But just managed it.




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