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FR0GS New French Clan (English speaking) PvE/PvP

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We are a new french clan, we are a casual PvE and PvP small group. We are looking  for more members to expand our activities.

We are looking for players that speak english. But we have a couple of players who speak german as well and also spanish. But basic english is a must, even if it's bad it's okay. We are a french clan for players that don’t speak french.

We don’t run our clan too seriously or with any big requirements. We try to keep things fun and enjoy the game with our fellow froggies.

If are you are in need of assistance as a newer player, we can help you become a proud strong member of the baguette nation. We can help in the form of game tips or providing some ships, we don’t carry people though. Some of our members have bad backs as it is!

We have simple rules!
Pay attention!!
Have good components!
Please hold the line!!!

If you’re interested you can contact us in game. You can contact me, our senior commander Lasagne Ferdinand de Lasalle’, our glorious leader always on the hunt for lady-men chevaliers Vlaxie’ or our diplomat the shit talking little princeBotaQ


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Ok this is beautiful :''') Makes me want to come back it really does.

gloire aux grenouilles!!


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49 minutes ago, ꓷꓤꓯꓵꓨNꓯꓥ said:

Did I mention that this is an Excellent idea?

I think so. 

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