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Is the gold chest you get from the Missions Screen the same as the one from Epic Events?

Neads O'Tune


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2 hours ago, Beeekonda said:


1st rate epics drop same Gold Chest as from missions

4th rate epics drop same Silver Chest as from missions

British scientists are yet to find any reasons to do epic events

Are you sure? Because I've opened at least 4 from those missions and EVERY time it has had exactly two mediocre upgrades.

I've also done MANY epics events in the past and the loot for  the "mission" gold chest id nothing like the ones you get from epic events

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They are the same chests with the same RNG loot (same as gold from mission or epic gold chest).

Ive gotten ship notes from mission chests (5th rates), from silver chests (5th-1st rates), and gold chests too. 

I think mission chest has the least chance of "good" loot drop(usually its 1 item, basic crap most likely to drop but I had few muskets from it), silver is mediocre, and gold is higher chance to drop 4 items (and higher chance to drop high lvl ship note)

Deadman's chest from fleet crush and Epic chest are the best ones

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