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Got catapulted out of a beaching situation - "glitch/bug" report

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Hello all o7


I just come to report a glitch i experienced 1-2 days ago.

To sum up, I was in a battle with a mate and i somehow ended up beached next to an ennemy ship ( that i sunk ) wreck blocked me and while turning to get out i was drag to the shore and my rudder finally got stuck in the sand, classic, you can say. 

But another ship come near me and i managed to board him, I won, and I left him to sink, was allright, then as all my crew was in boarding parties, I started to tranfer my crew backto sail and gunnery posts, set up full sails, once full sail, I was beached but out of trouble so I decided to set my sails at stop point, order just given, crew still transferring, ship started to move a bit then i reset full sails order and my ship ( agamemnon live oak/white oak ) got actually catapulted out of sand ( I got stuck like that for like 20 mins, could only rotate, even with good wind in my sails and bow heading toward sea I was stuck ) I was a bit surprised so I didn't get it immediately, was happy to get unstuck, but iI was almost at my top speed real fast, real rocket.


So I don't know if it's intended but I doubt and we believe that is not indeed.

(However, I'm not happy from the "magnet effect" of the beaches, and that we can't get out, even with full sails pushing us toward see, jsut stuck by a tiny wood piece though, but I agree the catapult effect was kinda surprising and weird )


This screen shows how the situation was, just won the boarding as you can tell from the white flags on both wrecks, crew transferring from boarding to  other posts and full sails set ( depowered )  : 

Capture d’écran (74).png

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