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Could you have a popup box that states what you receive from the chests to avoid having stacked items being lost to the abyss of messy warehouses? This way we could find out just how many basic hooks we receive from mission chests. xD

Thanks and provide opinions. 

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Basic hooks  dont stack for me, since i sell them right after the am procedure or put them into clan warehouse....warehouse is near full anyway, so why pile useless things ?

Besides, my warehouse isnt messy, since it has a sort, a "show certain grps of things" and a search function already.

If you dont want to keep order in your warehouse, you can always use the search box.





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He is correct the ship mods that drop from mission chests auto stack so if you already have a mod you do not see if you have received another one without checking through your warehouse and noting if you have an increased number of a certain item.

It is not about keeping useless items, some of the items are very good but you are not ready to use them. Items such as musket mods that you may want to install on a particular build of ship so you store them in your warehouse till you need them. It does not matter how tidy your warehouse is if you open a chest with the same musket mod that you already have they will auto stack and you get no notification of what you received.

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Whatever. Personally i can manage w/o such a function by keeping some order in my warehouse/clan warehouse/upgrade chest etc.  

I'd put it in the "nice to have, but not needed" category, but if the devs feel like installing it...


if you really have no order in your warehouse, you can put the chests into cargo of a ship and open them there.

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