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10 minutes ago, Intrepido said:

Now, almost everything is clan based. 

No more national systems due to potential abuse from outsiders

Well it's a great pity.

This game relies on new players to join war server, how a new player, who's not inclined to communicate with other group of players, will understand what to do, where to go, etc... without knowing his nation political situation ? 

Are all new players forced to join "connected" clans to understand the RvR stream ? if it's so then the high tide will come very slow. Politic is part of the game immersion.

I feel this lack of political background is grotesque.  

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You are clearly not educated

What about the EU timers set to 11-14?  Clearly they are to avoid fights.  What about multi time zone clans?  7up was one, I know Aloha (wink wink) has a few spread across the globe. VCO used to be 50

The timers should be re-checked. There is way to many fake timers on the map currently, and noone smart would ever believe, that they are actually the "top hours" for European Clans. So what

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12 minutes ago, Wraith said:

The way I see it is that if your ports aren’t making money, you’re holding too many ports. Port costs with timers are simply easy to cover as long as you *gasp* actually use them! 

Running econ, being strategic about ports you take and hold, care enough to put timers on etc., all of that is part of the RvR end game and if you’re failing at it, then maybe you should evaluate your motivation and effort before handwringing over timers and regionalized servers.

Turning dots colors on the map “just because” is stupid. The current taxes and port maintenance fees are working fine with minimal grind if you’re not running your own little Roman Empire. And if you are then expect to pay for it. 🙄

I don’t hold any ports at all. I stop after patch 27. For me the turn in RvR have made me stop. Thats dosen’t mean as RvR are now is wrong. It is just wrong for me. I have done all you say. Just turned out to be to little fun and to much work for me. So for me to get back to RvR something just need to change. And isen’t it the purpos here to give feedback

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1 hour ago, Wraith said:

This is how it should be. The historical theater is just a tapestry in front of which the real factions are fighting for superiority. The problem is that the game doesn’t go far enough in giving players control over with who and how they interact. Clans need full control over their port resources and access controls, allowing for international friendly clans, etc. and finer grained port access, outpost, and econ controls.

Agreed, but - there has to be room for singular casual players, they are afterall tomorrows clanmembers.

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Just now, Wraith said:

And do those 50-60 solid players really keep the lights on in a game like this?  🙄

Why not integrate them into the game along side the vast majority of players that want a mixture of PvE and PvP content, in various proportions, and let them interact and participate in a larger game world where they can feel integrated into RvR through their econ and share in a glorious multiplayer experience that is far more integrated than it is currently?

You don't really ever play Peace server do you ?


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4 minutes ago, traitorous mctraitoro said:

Plenty of room for single player casuals. As long as they look at nation chat or global every now and again. Would be better if people still had the cahunas to form random armardas and sail to enemy ports, but it's still ok to just read chat.

After they find out where the ai is to level up ofc.

first off - lol.

Secondly - why should anyone form an armada and sail off? - one side gets demasted in one or three broadsides, the other side just soaks broadside after broadside and still out repairs, outsoaks damage and never loses a mast. As it is mods are wildly unbalanced and most are pure magic. What you basically call cowardice, I call prudence. Why waste time on a battle that is already decided?

The problem is the unbalanced mods. In 1864 the danish frigate "Jutland" engaged an austrian/prussian squadron of three frigates and a couple of gunboats. The danish frigate (being the pursuer, the danish squadron consisted of three danish frigates, however "Jutland" being the lead ship were the only one to fire at the retreating enemy) fired 492 shots and struck with between 92 and 100 of the shots. At the same time the retreating squadron hit with 5 shots.. When I fire in NA I hit with most if not all my balls. Thank god for accuracy upgrades that makes my cannons laser accurate and thank god for the rig refits that makes my masts impenetrable.

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2 hours ago, Celtiberofrog said:

Only Pirates political situation should remain foggy.

We intentionally like to keep it foggy.


Frankly the only way this game will end up surviving is if they ditch the 11 nation model and swap to more of a clan based + 3-4 base nations one.  As I've suggested, make one faction an "open" one where players can sport their own nation flags of choice and have it be the hardcore nation that exclusively RVRs.  Make 3 -4 of the BIG BIG nations starter / PVE / PVP ones for new players and folks who like to solo, RP or generally ignore RVR.  The open faction has clan wars, RVR and port loss.  The nation method is simply killing this game very slowly.  11 of them dilute the population and mythical geographic loyalty to in-game nations forces folks to quit the game rather than try finding elsewhere to play.  

As for timers, I don't really get the drama behind them.  If you want to keep a port....put a timer on it.  They're super cheap now.  I prefer an inclusive global server with multiple nationalities on it where action can be sought round the clock, rather than one with a 5 hour peak in the evenings.  In-game solutions have been found to keep your precious ports safe..... use them.  And if you can't attack the 20 ports that have timers that don't match up with your times....go attack the 200 other ones that do.  

stop whining.

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Etiquette is definitely not my strongest, nor yours, but we ain't going to duel over it.

Peace server has a lot of players on my playtime "my dude" ( very american nowadays it seems ), more than Global ever had :) plus with a lot of old veterans that simply only have 1 hour to "waste" in a game but still love the game for what it is - naval combat ( guns roaring, masts falling, crew cheering ) in the grand age of sail - and not the usual of late juvenile salty jungle.

Some of us have kids and grandkids with more age than half of the "pros" :) so there's as much as one can bear regarding toxicity "brother", that's why the Peace server is awesome ...

The description even says it - No negative interaction between players. I hope you understand why numbers are on the rise and it has ZERO to do with timers. 

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27 minutes ago, Coraline Vodka said:

I think you miss wraith's point. Why not integrate a NO pvp area on the war server that allows cassuals safety with the option to venture out

No secret that my position in a pvp wargame is the attritional effect of everything that happens in the OW and Conquest, meaning blockading and hunting enemy trade, along with protecting yours, is age of sail. 

That's why having a full safe haven is good for the individual, but embarrassingly boring ( in the long run ) for the wargame "with no victors, with no defeated".

Maybe i like the collective more than the individual, and i'm sorry if i cannot understand the need to protect the individual in the War when there's Peace.

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Devs do exactly the opposite of my wishful thinking.

I start with number 1. Career mode with dynamic rank up and down as you play good or bad or as a coward - see RN rules of war for that. Alas i have to use my imagination, it is...okaaaay. They never did it... *sigh*...

There's 9,999 more points like that one. Gritty wargame rp. Alas as i still enjoy the game a lot i play it. Don't you ? So cut the poor boy chase of biting other puppies tails. Devs do whatever they want, it is their game, me and you and all others just feed stuff. Devs select the ones they like the most. If your ideas are jelly... well, they are jelly. No my problem.

I have no reading comprehesion. I want a No Safety world. Got it ? War and Peace servers, separate. And i play both. End of.

War server means No Reinforcement zones, no timers, no safety. Total war. And if a nation gets defeated, then it gets defeated. It rebuilds and strikes back.

Snappy salute.

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