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Translation of military voice effects in German

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We need your help to translate military voice effects in German. Prussian, Austrian and German units will get voice acting in upcoming game. Time period is end of 18th century.

Thank you in advance.

English German
Kill them all  
Double Quick (Run)  
Form line  
In column  
Hold position  
Form square  
Save yourselves  
Deploy(deploy cannons)  
We will all die  
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English German
Aim Zielen
Fire Feuer
Ready Fertig/Bereit
Charge Angriff
Retreat Rückzug
Die Stirb
Kill them all Tötet sie alle
Double Quick (Run) Rennen
March Marschieren
Forward Vorwärts
Halt Stopp
Form line Linie bilden
In column In Kolonne
Hold position Haltet die Position
Form square Bildet ein Quadrat
Reload Nachladen
Save yourselves Passt auf euch auf
Deploy(deploy             cannons) Macht die Kanonen bereit

We will all die          Jetzt werden wir alle sterben

Something like this...




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If you also want to use some variations maybe this can help.

March:  Like Salty already wrote "marschieren" is the correct verb. If you want to use it as a command (march!) it would be "Marsch!". Combine with                                                  forward like "March forward" it is: "Vorwärts marsch!"

Double quick (Run): Rennen is the correct verb. You can use it also as a command "Rennen!". In the Bundeswehr you often hear "Marsch marsch!" as a general                                                    command to move your ass a little bit quicker :D. But I don't know if this was a thing in the prussian army in the late 18th century.

Halt:  Additionally to "Stopp!" you can also just simply use "Halt!"

Hold position: Again as a variation to "Haltet die Position!":   "Position Halten!" - "Stellung halten!" - "Haltet die Stellung!" --> Position is a general term for a                                                location but also correct in this case, while Stellung is more something like a prepared emplacement or a predefined position from where you                                              fight (doesn't have to be fortified)


EDIT: sorry, completely botched the formatting

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I have a few corrections on @Salty Sails's translation, which for most parts is correct.

Save yourselves translates to "rettet euch selbst", not "passt auf euch auf" which means watch yourselves.

Charge I would translate with "Stürmen!" rather than "Angriff" (difference charge!/attack!) but that is more a difference in personal taste.

Other than that @Cecil Selous makes valid points. Especially going with "Marsch!" and "Marsch Marsch!"

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I suggest:

Kill them all                     (Gebt) kein Pardon! / (Gebt) kein Quartier!

Double Quick (Run)        Im Geschwindschritt, Marsch! / Doppelierschritt, Marsch! [or, if you really mean "Run" -  Im Laufschritt, Marsch! / (Im) Sturmschritt, Marsch!]

Form square                    Bildet (ein) Karree!

Save yourselves              Rette sich, wer kann! 

But if you want to know the exact historical commands you should perhaps consult something like the "Reglement für die Königlich Preussische Infanterie" (1788), or the "Exerzir-Reglement für die Artillerie der Königlich-Preussischen Armee" (1812), or the "Unterricht der Compagnien betreffend die Pflichten aller und jeder Stellen..." (1795):



https://books.google.ch/books?id=PZM7AAAAcAAJ&pg=PP5&lpg=PP5&dq=Unterricht+der+Compagnien+betreffend+die+Pflichten+aller+und+jeder+Stellen&source=bl&ots=5pTY3KVTgl&sig=ACfU3U1pn90NcIe95NnJ72KiNylGoC7Y-g&hl=de&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiA7qaNlPTfAhVHjqQKHSiAD58Q6AEwAXoECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=Unterricht der Compagnien betreffend die Pflichten aller und jeder Stellen&f=false

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