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16 minutes ago, PG Monkey said:

Can we please have the option to turn off battle chat. It's a bit embarrassing when people start whining when they get caught

Why embarrassing? Didn’t you mean to catch them? 😜

But seriously, can you just click on a different chat tab such as combat news so you don't see their chat? (I don't know if this works or not.)

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Please extend ignore to the battle chat.  There is no reason that we should see text from a player we have chose to ignore in another chat window.

Edit:  for some players the 'ignore' feature removes enough toxic chat to render the War (PvP) server bearable.

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3 hours ago, Sir Loorkon said:

You can turn it off. Just open nation chat or help chat and make the window as small as possible. —silence —

I do this sometimes when I get insulted.

I like the chat, there are lots of players that offer entertaining comments.  If I close the window I will miss out on an interesting feature of the game.   Some insults are amusing. 

The "ignore: feature is helpful in Nation, Global, Trade to silence the trolls.  Apparently it doesn't work in a battle instance.

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