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Which mod or unmodded?

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New player here.

I usually start off my games modded.  Why?  The mods tend to be better after you know the game, and I prefer to avoid two learning curves.

So, there is:

* Unmodded

* AI+UI Customizations

* Rebalance

* Surrender

Of course, amusingly, they are all from the same person.  :)

So, which mod or unmodded to use and why?


PS1:  I will be looking to play campaign on easy soon.

PS2:  At the moment, I have Rebalance installed.  I like the more visible arcs, the cannon ammo arcs, and the movement seems to reflect realtime play as opposed to speeded up.

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If you prefer the original game balance + some convenient fixes the UI mod is recommended.

The rebalance mod tends to up the game difficulty, but if you prefer a slightly less arcady feel it's probably what you are looking for. 

The surrender mod was made by GeneralWvpm, he is just more active on the steam forums. If the low surrender rates bother you that is the place to go.

Hope you find one that you enjoy :)

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I recommend pandakraut's UI and AI mod with replaceSizeDegradationCurves turned off. That gives you all the fixes that make the game much more enjoyable to play without changing the overall game balance either tactically or strategically.

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29 minutes ago, contact said:

For those using an Apple.

Any chance the mod will be available to download on updates on the Apple store 🤔

Many thanks.

I've heard that Mac users have been able to get the mods running, but I don't have a Mac myself so my ability to provide support is pretty limited. 

The mods are all based on a modified steam or gog dll, so if the mac version is different enough they would need their own version created.

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As I just finished a battle with RB and liked it, I guess I will stay with it.

I like the pace.  If I was a few minutes away from my death, I think I would be marching and not sprinting; unless we  are talking sniper ... than zig zig for your life.

I once saw an analysis that compared to volley fire rifled muskets to the Maxim HMG of WWI.  (Everyone was basically using them, but calling them by different names.)  The lethality was pretty much comparable.

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