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I think we need auction house for ships and some goods, already many examples in other games.

Port can take more tax from auction, may be 2 times the normal tax.

So you can put ships / amount of goods / upgrades etc. on auction.

You select a starting price / instant buy price / default duration for auction.

Increments should be minimum %5 of the starting auction price.

*** Helps to stabilize prices for many stuff, community has some idea, what a real price for the selected good is depending on current supply and demand.

*** Very active place to sell good ships / upgrades etc.

*** Makes capitols more active.

*** Gives more meaning to ship crafting / benefits crafting good ships.

*** Easy to use feature for many players instead of using forum as auction house.

*** May be introduce dubloons aside from reals for using in auction house.

* I can not think a negative thing about auctions and auction house, but lots of positives.

This idea can be much more improved, what do you guys think ?

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We already have the contract system in each port. Unless you are suggesting a SERVER-WIDE auction house at which any player can bid on the same ship/mod etc, from ANY PORT, I do not see the advantage. With contracts, you can undercut another seller or overbid another buyer already.


And as much as I would LOVE a server-wide auction house, it is about as far from 'historical' as you can get...

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@Preechur Blackheart first things first a contract is not an auction.

Auction is different mechanic, do I need to explain the mechanic ? In game ship shop says "Ship Auction" which is wrong, we do not auction any ship there, we just buy them at the set price by the seller.



With auction house, you do not need to do this in forum, you can do it in the game.

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Seriously no one wants to have a real bidding system inside the game ?

Trincomalee 4/5 blue with x/v/y/z upgrades , xx/zz build.

Highest Bid:  Cpt.X for 80.000 Reals

Bid ends on: 03/02/2019

Sell now Price: 120.000 Reals

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Good idea ( i'd do the exact opposite, no auctions at all but ship orders with offered price and let crafters take orders... )

 but, despite the wishful thinking, won't really change anything. Why ?

I'll just put base bid price slightly lower than what I want - and if before the system would be implemented I wanted 700k, with the auction i will want 690k.

No change to prices until the European Powers take over and submit a Proclamation stating that no ship must ever be sold by more than X percentage above construction and refit cost.

But, good idea.

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