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I haven't built one yet, since I can't be bothered with crafting at all lately but I am fairly certain that you need it to craft crew related upgrades and maybe skillbooks. British Gunners or Nassau Borders for example.

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I'm looking for more info on this myself, and it looks like it will be a while before I earn the doubloons to build one to tinker and find out.    I'm also curious about what upgrading it and my shipyard does, and if it unlocks anything else.   I see where academies are used for books, and they for manufacturing some modules, but I don't know the particulars or mechanics.     I do know that the devs say you get to keep your books after the next partial wipe and launch wipe, so obtaining or crafting them won't be a waste of time and effort.    I can't even build the upgrades I have the mats for, like copper hull plating, so I must be missing something else, and clearly have a lot to learn/relearn(been gone since the '17 wipe).      Other than the new wood types and their additional tailoring abilities, I can't say I care much for the changes in crafting.

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