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I was thinking ... and why not port looting missions ?. The fortresses and towers of a port would be considered objectives like ships. the ships would go into combat against the fortress and towers and once destroyed they could enter that port and loot the merchandise from the store at cost 0 and also the treasure of the city. A doubloon by Port battle BR. (A shallow port of 1500 BR would give 1500 doubloons to the raiders, port of 12000 BR, 12,000 doubloons in total, not to each participant, etc). If a port like Cartagena is attacked, regardless of the contracts that the looters have, 1000 units of Cartagena Tar would be taken. In Esteros, Little Harbor, 1000 units of copper ingots. In Nassau 1000 Teka units, and so on in all ports that have or produce valuable resources and merchandise. The rest of resources and normal merchandise, the limit is set by the capacity of the ship's hold. Both the combatnews and the map would indicate the percentage of defenses destroyed to 100%, thereby warning others that the port is being attacked, giving time and opportunity to organize a counterattack on the nation that owns the port. port. If it's worth it. The port would not be conquered, only looting and flight. I think that this type of operation would bring a breath of fresh air to the game and in some way encourages the PvP. Regards!!! and good hunting.

PD. The mortar brig could only be used to destroy the fortress, the towers with cannons, thus preventing the mission from being done by a single Captain.

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Nice idea. I didn't quite understand the mechanics of it though. There would be a cost to the Port owner yes? They would have to lose something equal to the amount that was gained, otherwise it would be abused. Shooting at buildings would be a bit boring too I think, would be good to have some ai ships involved. Perhaps an Indiaman full of the loot, sitting in the bay in range of the guns protected by some frigates, that has to be capped and sailed away? Port owners can 'defend' by recapturing it? something like that. These are the kinds of things needed in this game, more stuff to do.

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3 hours ago, Hullabaloo 'The Thief' said:

Bonne idée. Je n'ai pas bien compris la mécanique de cela cependant. Il y aurait un coût pour le propriétaire du port, oui? Ils devraient perdre un montant égal au montant gagné, sinon ils en seraient victimes. Tirer dans des bâtiments serait un peu ennuyeux aussi, je pense, serait bien d’avoir des navires auxiliaires impliqués. Peut-être un Indiaman plein de butin, assis dans la baie à la portée des canons protégés par des frégates, qu’il faut coiffer et embarquer? Les propriétaires de ports peuvent-ils «se défendre» en les récupérant? quelque chose comme ca. Ce sont le genre de choses nécessaires dans ce jeu, plus de choses à faire.


Oui, ok pour tes suggestions. Bien sûr que tout est améliorable. Tu as raison. L'idée est d'ajouter du gameplay. Et là, c'est une bonne idée.

Cordialement, La Fayette

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I know the mechanics of the game, the truth is that I know little. I launched the idea and among all of them (DEVS and players) we could shape these looting missions. The owners of the looted port would lose the money of the taxes of that day and they would be deducted from the store of the clan a number of reals, to decide, in concept of reconstruction of the fortress and towers. You can not loot the same port more than once a week. Another thing to decide would be how long the fight against looting remains open. I like that idea of an Indianman in port full of expensive merchandise or doubloons (it would be something random), things of this style incite people to attack, to risk a great booty, and on the other side the clan / nation owner the port would go to defend and if it is not possible to enter the fight, then wait outside the looters. A more attractive and fun way to do PvP. Good battles of 20, 30 ships can come out. Greetings and good hunting !!!

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Good Idea, more content to the game and above all, a main idea, which objective or the prize, are not mainly doubloons, marks or reals, but materials, either for updates or to crafts ships, something that would give more variety to the game.


The prize or the number of attacks must be limited to prevent abuse, for example, that the same player attacks several ports of Cartagena and obtains many Cartagena tar, which can cause negative effects such as:

  • The product becomes more generic, more accessible and cheaper. The port may not become an exclusive port.
  • It hurts ALTS or rich players, since contracts are no longer the only way to obtain the material. Consequences, the collection of taxes from the port falls


The prize should also be reversible. That is, the clan owner of the port, not only lose money / materials, but also earn money / materials, for example, that the attackers sunk or who escape the battle, generate the owner a prize (doubloons, reals, etc. .). This would bring more ideas or suggestions that have already been proposed in the past, and therefore, more indirect content.

The prize should be dynamic, and change according to the port BR and the "port improvements". With the improvements of the port, I mean that the Clan could invest money, time or materials, to improve the defense of the port.

+ Inversion = + Port Defense = + Prize (attacker or defender)

Investment example, can be in reals or materials (contracts for trade), could increase BR or put stronger or dangerous NPC (NPC epic level) and the prize, more product or doubloons or paints, or even reduce the BR to a future conquest of the port.


As an indirect consequence, you can create more indirect content or more fun, for example:

  • Trade Clan Contracts (any nation), can take materials for a construction contract. For example, the benefit is greater (it is sold more expensive). Indirectly, more content is created with this, such as "clan reputation", the trade of other factions, if they see that they are attacked, they would not work with that clan, and the clan, would have to build their improvements on their own.
  • Any port, if it is improved, can be attractive to be conquered, or give more benefits
  • PVE + PVP + "RVR", practically concentrated in specific places and not having to leave OW

These are some ideas that I think of the main idea of @Sento de Benimaclet. You can be good or bad, other players can propose other ideas. And surely in the end, it ends up coming out a good idea agreed by many players. And maybe, DEVs are encouraged to implement it.


P.S. With the idea, now the port, it is also important for the clan and in the game in general.

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