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After having first contact with the new flags system I come to suggest a improvement that relates to everything Open World and the battles created.

- When accessing the Flags allow the player to choose the flag intended for each nation

eg. player selects one from pirates, one from Sweden, and so on.

- every battle that the player joins with his own Nation he will show his own Nation flag proudly.

- if player happens to join a battle on the side of another nation he will show the selected flag he picked for that nation and not the default one for that nation.

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That's a good idea. I wonder if nobody thought of that before?

On 11/29/2018 at 7:24 PM, Anolytic said:

What about the Flag DLC enabling us to choose also what false flags we carry. 

I join pirate side in a battle, then I get one of the unique DLC flags of pirates instead of the standard pirate flag. 

It could even be random, so you could spawn in with any of the Pirate flags, including the standard flag. 

I feel it's anticlimactic every time I join a fight with another nation and my shiny nice flag that I paid hard earned cash for is disappeared.

Though I think it would maybe be better if our false flag was randomly selected from the DLC-flags and standard flag when we joined another nation in battle.

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I would prefer a 'complex to code and boring for some' system (that I for one would lovingly call 'his-to-ri-cal') where ships could only carry flags that were actually used during their lifetime.

But OP's + dev's systems are certainly funnier.

+1 for OP.

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19 minutes ago, Wraith said:

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the DLC? Namely, that players with the DLC select the flag that they want others to see them sailing with?

I don't understand.

Real case:

- I own the DLC

- I sail with a clan that is in Nation Prussia. I selected to sail with the flag of the free city of Hamburg.

- I joined a battle on Denmark side, albeit being in another nation.

- I had to use the default one for Denmark.

My proposition concerns being able to have a "preferred" flag of other nations, if it happens that i enter some battle on their side.

Hope it makes more clear.

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