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As already mentioned, there could go some doubloons from opening Workshop/Academy/Admiralty/Shipyard to the owner, perhaps not the whole amount but perhaps 10-15% like a tax. The same with the transport fees, but I'm not sure about the effort to realize this.

Even if this would be not be appreciated from the community, there could be a fee in doubloons for opening an oupost in a captured port 🙊 😉

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18 minutes ago, GhastlyGhost said:

Ports are useless in current state. You can't even block annoying alt accounts.

Then make them un-useless. You aren't going to solve ports being a drain and a burden this way. At best people will flip ports for a quick payout, then let them fall neutral the next day. Doubloons should be bonus, not sole motivator.

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13 hours ago, Intrepido said:

But please forget those conquest operation like "conquest Isla de pinos". RvR should be pure sandbox and freedom.

If it’s a mission for all than I don’t see a problem and they need to be major ports not some Lowe end ports.  Like take the Cart region and hold it all.  We have to many important ports no one fights over and we also have a bunch of useless ports too.  


I also think any doiubkoons spent in port should should go to port owner.  Teleport charges for one should go to port owner. 

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7 hours ago, Intrepido said:

Fortunately, I see the problems.

-Alliances wont matter because everyone will try to conquer it.

-If it rewards a great amount of doubloons, it is open to exploits due to deals between the owner of the port and the conqueror. We should not forget how pirates tried to get easy conquests marks in the past.

-It will interfere with current rvr goals, disrupting ongoing campaigns and shifting objectives. Because the need of many doubloons for RvR is a fact.

Isn't that the point to get every one fighting?   Lets be honest not every one is fighting and there should always be some hot spots that are all ways being  fought over. 

The exploit can be problem, but that is why you make them own the whole region so it's not just a port you hand back and forth and there should be other rules so that it's not another French showing with no cannons event either.   Even though that was a very very very very long time ago and most of those players aren't around any more.

LOL With what current RvR goals?   Any thing is better than what we have now which is a pretty boring and stale map.  To be honest I think the map should be reset every 3-4 months.  I would prefer the map to be set to historical owners of ports and make folks actually have to caputre them.  So what if you have to fight AI (for none clan owned ports), but what devs could do for those AI owned ports is allow players to join the PB to fill it.   Right now the map is boreing and ports hardly exchange hands other than here or there.

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