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Changing Server?


Hi guys 
its been a few months since i have last logged on to my PVP account and even longer still when i actually went out with some mates and did anything, mostly due to the fact that just about all of my friends playing this game have either moved on , or life/circumstances have changed and are no longer available to play the game, as such i was wondering is there a way to have my account transferred from the PVP Caribbean server over to the PVE one?
i am from Australia and the times that i get to play this game are obviously in the evening after work and there are little more than 50 or so people online during that time for PVP.
would it be possible to have my PVP account transferred over to PVE?
i have made a new PVE account but i dread having to start from scratch again, i will , but i thought i'd ask to see if that could be avoided.



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