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So sorry, but it won't happen in the short or mid term.

I still hope it'll happen in the long term, but there are no concrete plans as of yet.

You might find fun in patrol zones or OW hunting while we wait.

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I've been completely out of the loop in regards to Legends. It seemed like a good idea when first announced, but then, judging by the activity in this forum, it seemed like every single person (devs included) forgot about it. What happened? Did nobody play it?

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13 hours ago, Arvenski said:

 it seemed like every single person (devs included) forgot about it.

No, there was an announcement and following discussion here and in general OW forum.

The above post is interpreted differently depending on the individual posters perspective and wishes. The people who were afraid of Legends taking over the player base let out a sigh of relief and called Legends "a failed concept", that argument still pops up every now and then when people want to impress on others how terrible pvp-on-demand is or pvp quality of life features are discussed.

Nobody can dispute that player retention among existing NA owners in the closed beta testing of Legends dropped off dramatically. I never feared the player retention after wipes and open free to play release, but this is where mileages vary. I'd go as far a saying that it was almost impossible to keep up the numbers in the stage of testing Legends was in when the project was dropped. I think Legends would've worked great, most likely better than OW as far as concurrent player count is concerned, but I guess this element of fear and doubt took hold.

Admin also said that they couldn't properly develop both titles simultaneously and had to drop Legends to focus fully on OW release. This statement gives me hope that the arena concept may be revisited at some later time, but we don't know and it's likely that question won't be answered for many months or years.

NA is truly a fantastic thing whatever form it takes, but I can't help but think that the top tier fighting mechanics are wasted on an anal-retentive and timid player psychology that grows like fungus due to eco with it's inherent high time demand. Others think that's what's great about OW, so there we are...

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In my opinion and guess of a future view...

NA-L was a good try that was tried too early. The models must be exactly the same as NA-OW in profiles and handling. The Server cycle updates all models at the same time in the same Universe from PvP, PvE or Legend. If not done this way then minor tweaks will build into larger drifts away from each other.

This immediately loses the franchises economy of scale and increases the maintenance upkeep. At the time of NA-L its underlying models needed bedding in and tweaking and it was not using the current ship designs. NA-OW was seeing the implementation experiment of Leeway. There was an immediate drift from the very start. The NA-L test was supposed to be low load HR wise on the Dev’s but turned into a sinkhole.

The drop-off rate in players I seem to disagree with most here. Importantly the NA-L testers played NA-OW primary. NA-L needs an in-built Grind path in order to work, this is hard to do while balancing time to the hardcore of NA-OW as well. So, players gave it a go and eventually were inevitably drawn back to NA-OW commitment wise.

@admin made a very hard call to pull NA-L. The focus to get OW released properly first.


Looking at my crystal balls...

POST NA-OW launch it would be so much easier to launch a NA-L style game. All managed under the same roof. The Game-Labs team have gained practiced with DLC content now. This the money part needed to make it a success with the Grind path.

It would need out of game content to drive it though. World of Warships [WoWs] a brilliant example of this success with a much weaker combat game. In my opinion. NA-L will not sell itself, and the out of game features need to be just as strong as the game itself in order for it to succeed...


Norfolk nChance  

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On 12/10/2018 at 1:59 AM, jodgi said:

The people who were afraid of Legends taking over the player base


11 hours ago, Norfolk nChance said:

The focus to get OW released properly first.

Also, I recall players complaining that there was grinding required in NAL.

I felt sorry for players who wanted to play a game that was PvP.  Fast action.  Lots of fights, often, with little or no waiting between them.  It seemed like NA Legends would have been perfect for them.  No boring sailing, no tedious PvE to build up wealth, ships and equipment.  Just combat.  Competitive E-sport.  Lots of fights with no waiting.

NA has lots of offer.  The game runs very well.  I have almost never crashed in NA.  There are very few bugs.  The graphics work without lots of flaws.  

I just tried the free week of Star Cit and it was full of bugs and I crashed countless times, but ... there was two combat modes that were just endless fighting.  There was zero grinding in either combat mode.   One was land based team vs team, and the other was ship to ship.  But the battles continued non-stop.  The third mode was a  persistent universe,  MMO and it was tediously boring.  There was something for players who like pure PvP and those who want to share the game with others but are content to a slow plodding second life in a virtual world.

I'm glad that the devs are focusing on NA-OW but it is too bad we don't have the resources to do both at the same time.  Too bad, cause if we had a truly great NAL we could focus NA-OW on the style of play that OW players could really enjoy.  Seems like we are trying to make a combination NA-OW-Legends that pleases everyone all of the time.  Perhaps I'm just listening too deeply to the opinions expressed bored gamers but  I think those bored gamers would like NAL much more than NA-OW.

I truly hope that someday Naval Action offers another mode for those players who love PvP and hate sailing.  


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I agree with  your points; however, NA-L was an instant (after match making lol) combat PvP game. If as a player you want to progress into larger ships this comes at a time/achievement/reward component or Grind ladder. A Player could not start out and jump straight into a Victory even paying up for a Premium Account.

The target audience for NA-L are players that could not or did not want to devote the time input needed for Open-World. Also, aiming at new players to get a feel for FREE of the Naval Action Franchise [NA-F]. This may lead the ‘new prospects’ to purchase the FULL-PRICED NA-OW game. I’d assume Game-Labs did not expect a Player to devote time to both games equally?

I’ve commented in the past many times comparing [NA-F] to [WoWs]. This to highlight exploits from a very successful game with a weaker combat model. How the Newbie levels compare and such. The NA-L product makes money through some form of Premium Account component but does not give play to Win [P2W] equipment.

The NA-OW product would make money from a One-time Account Purchase then the offers of DLC products. Additional Accounts or ALTs should be discouraged with the Newbie but encouraged to the Junkie.

NA-L I believe is nowhere near DEAD, but is very medium to long term in concept...





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