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Flags, Flags, Flags - 2 - Flag proposals only

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as part of the Verenigde Nederlanden Verenigde provincien

a little forgotten history with his own flag

and as forgotten existence forgotten in the united provinces.

it's the year 1790  where the southern part  of the united provinces had his own flag   from January to December 1790

where it finally becomes separated to the now known Belgium part of the former united provinces

its a period called as the Oostenrijkse  Nederlanden  (Austrian Netherlands)

after that period  is no longer part of the United Provinces

the flag:  1790 

Dutch:  Austrian  Netherlands 1790 



and: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Belgian_States


The United Belgian States (Dutch: Verenigde Nederlandse Staten or Verenigde Belgische Staten, French: États-Belgiques-Unis, Latin: Foederati belgii), also known as the United States of Belgium, was a confederalrepublic in the Southern Netherlands (modern-day Belgium) which was established after the Brabant Revolution. It existed from January to December 1790 as part of the unsuccessful revolt against the Habsburg Emperor, Joseph II.

after the revolt, it was decided it became an own republic of Belgium

Frankische tijd:Volksverhuizing in de Lage Landen · Frankische tijdMiddeleeuwen:Geschiedenis van de opkomst van vorstendommen en steden in de Lage Landen · De Nederlanden in de MiddeleeuwenBourgondische tijd:Geschiedenis van de Bourgondische Nederlanden · Zeventien ProvinciënHabsburgse tijd:Geschiedenis van de Habsburgse NederlandenSpaanse tijd:Geschiedenis van de Spaanse Nederlanden · Tachtigjarige Oorlog · Republiek · Zuidelijke NederlandenOostenrijkse tijd:Geschiedenis van de Oostenrijkse Nederlanden · Brabantse Omwenteling · Verenigde Nederlandse StatenFranse tijd:Franse tijd in België · Franse tijd in NederlandNederlandse tijd:Nederlandse tijd in België · Verenigd Koninkrijk der Nederlanden · Groothertogdom Luxemburg (1815-1890)Moderne tijd:Belgische Revolutie · Geschiedenis van België · Geschiedenis van Nederland · Geschiedenis van Luxemburg


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Flag of Rotterdam (2 flags)

separate flown on the ships of the Admiralty of ( Rotterdam*) Holland [ VOC ]


  • Name: Ao (English)
  • Hex: #008100
  • RGB: (0, 129, 0)
  • CMYK: 1, 0, 1, 0.494
  • Name: White
  • Hex: #FFFFFF
  • RGB: (255, 255, 255)
  • CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0






* just a little footnote 

Rotterdam the BIGGEST HARBOR in the World (even today) :)


ref: https://fotw.info/flags/nl-indco.html#in



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Some more American privateer and naval ensigns.

Grand Union Naval Ensign with green and red stripesd71c686153822f98b1c03f7114c35ed9.gif

Brigantine Lexington Ensignus~lexen.gif

Brigantine Reprisal Ensign 1776us~prvt.gif

Connecticut Privateer Ensign connecticutprivateer.gif

New England Naval EnsignFlag2%20~%20Pine%20Tree%20With%20Stripes

From http://www.loeser.us/flags/revolution.html

Edit: gonna add one more addition

Ensign of the Revenue Marine 1815


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Steam Description:

The collection includes 70+ historical hand drawn flags of all in game nations. You will only be able to use flags of your current nation. If you change nation the available set of flags that you can use will automatically update to a new nation.

Is there any link to see wich flags belongs to wich Nation?

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2 hours ago, Sven Silberbart said:

Steam Description:

The collection includes 70+ historical hand drawn flags of all in game nations. You will only be able to use flags of your current nation. If you change nation the available set of flags that you can use will automatically update to a new nation.

Is there any link to see which flags belongs to which Nation?

I made a list below.

Great Britain:


















Verenigde Provincien:




Neutral/Free Towns:


Let me know if I missed or misplaced one please.

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Added 2 flags that were missing.
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On 11/29/2018 at 1:07 PM, admin said:

we could consider permanent long term historical allies as additions to nations.

Well then:


The flag of the Helvetic Republic when under French rule from 1798 to 1803 (it already has a nice Jamaican touch to it 😉).  You won't find it on a ship but the Swiss served regularly in the Caribbean under the king, for example the Régiment de Hallwyl which served on Martinique, Santo Domingo and Louisana (and took quarter on the King's ships) : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Régiment_de_Hallwyl





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Copying this over:

Flag of the Rochefort Marine Arsenal (where a lot of the 1800s ships were built):



Flag of Martinique where France's in-game capital of Fort Royal is located:



Flag of Saint-Malo (Bretagne) home to French privateer Robert Surcouf:



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2 minutes ago, Jean de la Rochelle said:

Flag of Martinique where France's in-game capital of Fort Royal is located:


This flag was used by traders that sailed from/to the Martinique, ie mainly by slavers.

Nowadays, this flag is connected with slavery in this island. Thus, it could be very offensive in a game.

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Really disappointed with this one to be honest... the relationship between Prussia and Bavaria was one of mistrust and rather hostile. 


Despite being a army and not a navy flag, it is much more likely a prussian ship would have flown a flag like this.

"Bavaria river fleet" flag as "national flag of the kingdom of prussia" seems like a joke.

I'm happy for everyone using and liking the flag but I really cringe hard every time I see it in game...

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36 minutes ago, LeBoiteux said:

Nowadays, this flag is connected with slavery in this island. Thus, it could be very offensive in a game. 

Thanks for the insight, scrap it then.


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Why do we not have the "King's Colours" in the game as a flag for the Brits?


I guess it may not have been flown from the stern of a ship in plain form, but there are other flags in the DLC that were not used at sea (French infantry-flag), and even a completely a-historical flag (Swedish flag "King's Battle Ensign").

And the flag was flown on ships, even if possibly not from the stern:


Also based on this picture, if we want more diversity in flags, how about making another version of this:


Only with the Saint George's Cross significantly larger?

On the above painting it looks like the St George's Cross is about 1/4th of the flag.

On the topic of Swedish flags though:

While I hate the King's Battle Ensign abomination of a flag (just to make it slightly less horrible, could you consider even to rework it just to remove the Coat of Arms of King Gustav Vasa from the middle of it?), I acknowledge the need for more Swedish flags. I would advocate for more diverse flags however, and history provides some good flags to pick from. I've mentioned them before, but I would reiterate:


The flag on the stern of the closest ship in the picture above.

Also found here:

Swedish_1620_soldier_banner.jpg and here: Swedish_historical_flags_at_Maritime_Mus

It is also similar to the current and historical (probably same origin) flag of Reval (Tallin), which during a (small) part of the historical period of this game was Swedish:

ee-talin.gif An historical representation: revelska.jpg.aef1ff4fe41603b52b759ef89b205ce3.jpg 

Then there's the Riga flag, another Swedish possession in this time-period. There are some slightly differing representations of this flag, but all with the keys from the CoA of Riga on a background made by the Swedish flag: 

rigiska.jpg.15206f601b22e9f3d7ba0b650de99a95.jpg lv_st938.gif  lv-rig2.gif Flag_of_Riga_(mid_17th_century_-_1860s). Riga._Johnson's_new_chart_of_national_em

Then there's the Strahlsund flag:


The town was Swedish inside the period of this game. So the flag is not out of question, and differs greatly from the other Swedish flags in the game.

Lastly there's another version of the all blue, three-tongued flag:

armflottan.jpg.80d64a9af8e278dd1b4834c23e4aa18e.jpg The Armed Fleet Command's Flag

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I actually found a "source" of the flag named the "King's Battle Ensign":


It looks like it might be a (modern) commemorative flag, flown here from a digital representation of the Vasa maiden voyage. From the website of the Vasa Museum in Sweden.

I still haven't found any indication that this flag is historically accurate in any way though. 

Here is the Maritime Museum in Sweden flying historical Swedish flags and it is notably missing:


I really hope we get the two first flags in-game, even though they are both too early for the time-period of this game. I also hope we will have a Swedish East India Company flag, just like we have East India Company flags for other nations. Same for Danish trading companies that didn't operate in the Caribbean.


Also a painting hanging at the Vasa Museum. Though it's a little dark at the stern is flying the flag with symbols from the coat of arms, but without the Gustav Vasa CoA detail in the middle.


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On 4/1/2019 at 3:45 PM, Anolytic said:

(French infantry-flag)

@admin Could we please have a prussian infantry flag? Since french got one already and we have the Kingdom of Bavaria flag already, that barely has anyhing to do with the Kingdom of Prussia... 

After all Prussia was known for its infantry. It would be much more fitting and accurate than the Bavaria flag.



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13 minutes ago, Sovereign said:

@admin Could we please have a prussian infantry flag? Since french got one already and we have the Kingdom of Bavaria flag already, that barely has anyhing to do with the Kingdom of Prussia... 

After all Prussia was known for its infantry. It would be much more fitting and accurate than the Bavaria flag.




still would like to see this as flag 

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