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4 minutes ago, van der Decken said:

Suggestion @admin: Can you please make the flag images more sharper contrast? Some of the Dutch flags look not just faded, but the edges on the emblems are so blocky and not crisp looking. The edge lines on the Willem of Orange flag is janky and doesn't seem to line up with the coloring lines on the back of the flag.


please provide feedback in the flag feedback section with screens

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23 hours ago, van der Decken said:

OH, and it would be awesome if in the clan warehouse it would show the flag of the creator.

Even better suggestion: It would be awesome to show the Clan's flag flying over the ports they own. It would be like the Governor's flag, as nearly every port had it's own gov flag.

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On 12/7/2018 at 1:59 PM, z4ys said:



Prussian yacht 1704 but painted 1904 by Willy Stöwer


Source: Deutsche Flaggen - Edition Maritim by Jörg- M. Hormann

do you have any images of this emblem (on the main battle flag) similar images or pics of this flag or other sources that can be used to recreate it

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On 12/16/2018 at 4:37 AM, Anolytic said:

I've come across more sources on historical Russian flags, not that I can make much sense of them since I don't read a word of Russian unfortunately.


The three last flags here should all make it into the DLC someday.





 The middle flag here for some reason has both the Russian tricolor and the Jerusalem flag. Another cut:



0_1e48c5_d1702240_M.jpg 0_1e48c2_d53e139a_M.jpg 0_1e48c3_35e2fdc4_M.jpg 0_1e48c1_68f7f418_M.jpg 0_1e48c0_89e9a3da_M.jpg 0_1e48bc_fe832b6c_L.jpg 0_1e6b9a_a8a2cb75_M.jpg


















  This is from a book: https://dlib.rsl.ru/viewer/01008918049




I did now find several sources showing the Russian Galley flag from the DLC, which I thought I hadn't seen before, but must have just overlooked or forgotten:


Here are some more versions of the Tartar flag, including another Tartar flag with an owl:













lots of images did not load or provider deleted them - could be please re- upload?

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9 minutes ago, admin said:

can someone help find the emblem located in the center of 2 swedish flags on top left?


It is most likely a very crude drawing of the Coat of Arms of the then current (1805) King of Sweden, Gustav IV Adolf:



If you look at the colours and shapes, except for the mid circle heraldry being mirrored on the flag, it much better matches the CoA of Gustav IV Adolf than the Greater Coat of Arms of Sweden. The Greater CoA has a cape in the background, which the flags lack. At the time, the CoA of the king would be synonymous with the CoA of the country.

20 minutes ago, admin said:

lots of images did not load or provider deleted them - could be please re- upload?

It is weird, because in your quote I see some images are missing, but when I go back to my post I can still see all of the flags I think.

Interestingly the sites that are not loading their images seem to be statehistory.ru and another .ru-domain.

I will save them all and upload them directly to the forum instead.


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14 minutes ago, Anolytic said:


Interestingly the sites that are not loading their images seem to be statehistory.ru and another .ru-domain.

I will save them all and upload them directly to the forum instead.


You could just pm me with the link to dropbox or load to imgur and send me links

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13 minutes ago, admin said:

Does anyone have a source or origin on this flag? Objections? (it was proposed to us in 2014)



It looks like a crude deviantart-project. Someone took this flag texture or a similar one:


cropped it and pasted a the CoA of Gustav Vasa (dead 1560), as well as the 3 crowns symbol and rampant lions from the modern CoA of Sweden over it.


To be clear, the king whose CoA is pasted in the middle died in 1560 (way before the timeline of this game). The Blue and Yellow flag of Sweden was first described in laws of Sweden a few years later. There is a possibility of timeline overlap, but there is no possibility that they would mix and match the CoAs with the flag into such an aberration. 

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25 minutes ago, admin said:

do you by any chance have the pic of the mad christian banner? I remember you proposed adding one due because of the 2nd rate ship

There are two versions of his monogram (as with many of the danish royals of the period), here they both are used in flags on paintings. First one is Christiansborg in current day Ghana, Africa. Second one is of a Danish brig that I fail to remember the name of.



Here are the monograms used in other places:

To the left, the monogram used on a cannon (note: the crown is missing here, it was never missing on flags). The right is a third version of Christian VII's monogram (Christian Rex VIII - never used on flags to my knowledge).


This is the monogram on the wall of Fredriksten Fortress, Halden, Norway. I go there almost every summer:


Danish half-a-shilling:


The other version of the monogram as used on flags:




27 minutes ago, admin said:

You could just pm me with the link to dropbox or load to imgur and send me links

Will do. 

I'll send them later today. It's snowing a lot in Norway, I have to go out to clear a path to the house...

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1 hour ago, admin said:

do you have any images of this emblem (on the main battle flag) similar images or pics of this flag or other sources that can be used to recreate it

There are a lot of different ones.


It can be a crest of the king or all cities / or just a few cities


small version





Huge version

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If youre going to make that price tag worth it for nations like Sweden for instance you need to add a lot more for a cosmetic dlc.


I suggest adding for Sweden the county flags. Just to create more depth for that nation. Could not find a visual quickly so this is all I got: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_flags_of_Sweden


@admin will this second round of flags be patched in to the current DLC or are you planning on making another DLC of Flags. I suggest just patching these second round of flags in. The Flag DLC is already expensive for the content receiving and by patching the new flags in should help balance the value of the purchase for people who are currently reluctant. 

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Dutch; Admirality Zeeland  middelburg

The red flag with the golden castle that now flies all over the city is not the city flag, but the geuzen or blood flag that was used in wartime by ships of the Admiralty and hijackers who had Middelburg as their home port and scoured sea and ocean looking to enemies to capture booty from.

This blood flag normally blew from the masonry mast. The prince's pennant (not a flag) blew from the big mast and from the breeding mast or the bowsprit the official city flag or a Zeeland flag blew. However, this classification was not used so strictly, often enough was deviated from it.

On the famous painting by Adriaen Pieterszn. van de Venne, View of the harbor of Middelburg from 1615 (Rijksmuseum)




the Middelburg geus, for example, waves the large mast of the admiralty ship Zeehond. On the two paintings that Cornelis Louw made in 1714 (Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam) and 1725 (Maritime Muzeeum Vlissingen) of Vlissingen barges on the roads for the city, we see that same blood flag on the bowsprit, but now with the Vlissingse jar on it.


Use of this blood flag was not limited to the sea alone. In accordance with the laws of war, attackers did not have to give 'quarter' (grace or life) to the other party if they resisted a siege or attack, if at least the choice for surrender had been given in advance. To make the intentions clear to the enemy, for example, the blood flag could be hoisted, indicating that no 'quarters' would be granted or accepted. [1]

Most people who have ever met a ship that carried the red flag with the golden castle of Middelburg probably will not have kept the best memories of it, if they could tell it. Now, after surrender, not everyone was hunted over the blade, but usually made prisoners of war, even though that was no fun at that time.

The last time that the Middelburg geus flew to a ship's deck of a hijacker was probably in the Napoleonic era; already more than two hundred years ago. The last time such a flag was carried on an admiralty ship dates back even further, probably in the time of the Fourth English War (1780-1784). More than 230 years ago so and time turns out to be a healing concept in history. For example, it is a bon ton to make jokes about Napoleon, but an uneasy field of tension can arise if you make the same kind of joke about Hitler. The past is too tangible for that because there are still people who have experienced the war itself or are still dealing with the consequences.

Back to the Geuzen flag of Middelburg, because which flag should the Middelburg groats protrude? Very simple, the official Middelburg flag, which looks very solid, even a bit boring. This has, just like the Dutch flag, three horizontal bands in the colors yellow, white and red. [2]

According to Van der Dussen, a captain in the service of the Admiralty, this would have been red-white-yellow around 1700. [3] We no longer know anything about mankind's use of tradition, but he probably has hung the flag upside down. In the Neptune François (Amsterdam, 1693), published by Pieter Mortier, there is an image of the flag on which the correct sequence can be seen: yellow-white-red. In fact, publisher Mortier gives two images. At the top is the following text at the official tricolor: 'flag of Middelburg in Zeeland, yellow-white-red' and the blood flag below it: 'geus of Middelburg, red with a golden burg.' [4] Also in many from other old atlases this order is mentioned and both the official city flag and the geus are described. The Neptune François, however, also gives a colored example.

It is not for nothing that the shutters of the old city hall of the city have been painted yellow-white-red for years. Maybe not as bright as that golden castle in that bright red area that is now waving everywhere in the city, but it is correct.

Johan Francke, information specialist







zeeland blood flag


The red flags with the yellow tower now flutter in the shopping streets,

'Middelburg lifts the war flag' (The war on trade has begone.    lol )

MIDDELBURG - Middelburg celebrates 800 years of city rights. With the accompanying flag display in the shopping streets, however, something is wrong historically. The red flag with the yellow tower on it is not the city flag of Middelburg, but the blood flag used by the hijackers and ships of the Admiralty in wartime.



also seen here the: 

province flag zeeland, (admirality zeeland)

flag of Middelburg ( naval and merchant)


Geus van  Vlissingen ( blood flag )

Geus van  middelburg ( blood flag)

Geus van Veere ( blood flag )


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