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Flags, Flags, Flags - 2 - Flag proposals only

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Propose battle ensigns and top mast banner additions to the game. 
Old proposals in this topic are taken into account too

but if you want you can repost again and add more. 

Format is simple
Post the flag and explain why it should be added to the game. 

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This is maybe more of a merchant flag, and I don't know to what extent it was flown from ships, but it definitely was, as per the third pic:




The Russian-American Company may not have historically operated in the Caribbean, but then again, neither did the Russian Empire. This is as close as history gets to the Russian Empire we have in-game. This flag should definitely be added in my opinion. The company was chartered by Paul I in 1799 if I remember correctly, so it is within the timeline of the game.

And so should some of these that I have mentioned before:



Source: Book of the Charter of the Sea, 1780 print, Presidential Library. These flags were also definitely used in the timeperiod of the game.




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Then Portuguese flags for Great Britain maybe. It would make Heth very happy :P

On 7/4/2018 at 6:42 PM, Hethwill the Red Duke said:

Both flags can be used for a Portuguese roleplay.


This one being used since 1707 so pretty much covers the entire period until 1830 and being the Absolutist flag during the civil war.


The Jack for the Absolutists could also make use of red rim


Liberal cause - very much end of the Naval Action period


There's a listed blue rimmed jack for naval pilots during the Liberal Wars ( civil war )  but it conflicts with with eht Absolutist jack as both sides used them.

You can see the flags being used in the following paintings




It is of note that the Liberal cause still used the Kingdom colours, full white field, but under the Liberal cause standard. The picture below shows it very well.

The one above is a detail of the painting about the Battle of Cape S. Vincent. The one below it is battle in the Tagus river.

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This DLC could be first step to make in future clan flags. As well as it would be nice to make possible that if you capture an other ship with an other nation flag, you shoud be able to lower it and hoist it in your ship later (not beeing able to transfer it, for sure).


PD: The spanish trader flag, posted in the other post. Consider it. And it seems the independence catalonian flag.

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Ich glaube diese Fahne gab es schon mal als Vorschlag aber es ist die Fahne der "Kurbrandenburgischen Marine"  also genau diese Vorfahren der Preussen die auch in der Karibik aktiv waren 


I think this flag was there before as a suggestion but it is the flag of the "Kurbrandenburgischen Marine" so exactly these ancestors of the Prussians who were also active in the Caribbean (St. Thomas)



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7 hours ago, rediii said:

Enough joking. East India Company Flag of the dutch is missing



West India Company had it's own lettering. EIC did not sail the Caribbean. GWIC is what we should have.

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6 minutes ago, LeBoiteux said:

@Sella22 I see you chose your side...

You could have said the Septinsular Republic and chosen either the Russian or the French side :


Or even the French departments of Greece.


But no ! you chose this one :


Ok ! I will remember that 😉😁


Oops! *starts singing La Marseillaise*  :P 

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Flags of the Spanish Squadrons 1732-1760

Cádiz Squadron

on a white field the royal coat of arms (same as 1701-1759 war ensign)


Cartagena Squadron

on a purple field the simple royal coat of arms of castles and lions and four anchors in the corners


Ferrol Squadron

cross of Burgundy over white with four anchors in the ends of the square formed by the cross



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Flag of Kurbrandenburg, used in Prussia from 1657–1701 



National flag of the Kingdom of Prussia ( 1801 - 1803 ) with sword instead of Reichsapfel ( imperial orb )



National colours of Prussia / colours of the Teutonic Order ( 1300 - 1945 )



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On 11/30/2018 at 7:27 AM, rediii said:

why not both?

it is a valid flag for that period so i see no obstacle they also traded all over the world. 


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On 11/30/2018 at 11:05 AM, Intrepido said:


Royal Flag. XVIII century



First Merchant Naval Flag until 1762.




Right flag. Flag of the merchant fleet under Carlos III, 1785.




Burgundy cross. Yellow variant sometimes used in naval vessels. XVII and XVIII centuries.





Flag used in coastal and maritime defenses. XVIII century




Flag of the Naval Base of El Ferrol. XVIII century. Source: Naval Museum of Madrid.




Flag of the Naval Base of Cadiz. XVIII century. Source: Naval Museum of Madrid.




Flag of the Naval Base of Cartagena, Spain. XVIII century. Source: Naval Museum of Madrid.



Gracias Intrépido.

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