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Defeat of bad weather using homecam

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On 2/19/2020 at 9:13 PM, Durin said:

Today i sank 9 Russian Traders in the Gulf. Half of them i only found because of Homecam use in Storm. I linked them this thread, but they either didnt understood or didnt care :(

This Exploit would be easy to fix, yet every day players sink because of it ;*(


its really unfortunate that this option is still ingame, it takes away alot of the realism and immersive gameplay they want to create in the game. I personally feel like there should be pros and cons sailing in stormy weather, obviously you would have the option to sail with less chance of being detected and in my mind if would make alot more sense if the ship would take sail damage if traveling on full speed through stormy weather.

I can also understand why they have it, because people can take cool pictures, but do we then want cooler screenshots where probably 70% of the playerbase dont know about the potential usage of it other then screenshots? or do we want a much logical gameplay where we dont have sonic radars on our ship which 70% of the players dont know how to use? :(

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I use the homecam constantly and yet know that it’s a squirrelly capability to have in game. Maybe if we ever have full servers it would make more sense to get rid of it but as it is, in most areas, it’s almost an accident when one player sees another. 

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The home cam adds realism and immersion.  I use it extensively when on long sails and it makes the travel much more fun.  It allows for an interesting first person view, and movement about the ship.  Walking on deck, climbing the rigging. We should be able to control the ship when using it.  The addition of ship control to the home cam would be a fix, or workaround, for the broken transparent sails.

Removing the home cam was done before.  It made sailing very boring.  I was very pleased that it was reinstated.

If cheating is a concern, (sounds like it is) it makes sense to limit the range to a few feet from the ship.  Unless we are stopped near Port or land.  It's not cheating to allow views from; the port towers, forts, and mountain tops.

There is no use for underwater views. At least not to fairly aid gameplay, realism, or immersion.



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