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After returning to resume the game and see the changes of interface and some things of economy, it is still perceived that there are missing things in the game, either content or something, that for a long time, some factions needed, that was to organize between their own players (new or veterans), to perform certain actions.

My suggestion is that it is the players themselves (humans) who believe, organize and participate in missions created by other players. With this, you could get the following:

  • Create new and dynamic content. And adjusted at every moment. Without having to depend on the developers, although in reality, the typologies such as mechanics are those that already exist.
  • Organize groups of players, to perform a specific task or mission. Until now, mainly, it was done by chat (clan or nation), and limited to the players that were at that time. The propueta, allows new players, occasional or with different schedules, have the option to participate in the missions created, as planned.
  • More participation and gameplay. The missions created by the players, being adjusted at the moment (current), and depending on the creativity of the organizer, will attract more players. In addition, these missions will be visible and open (depending on the filter of the organizer), so that any player can register.


My initial idea was to apply it at the Nation level, it is where it has its greatest utility. Although already put to request, and if they are going to develop it, so that the scope is at level:




In general, this development does not involve great complexity, if you choose to do it in a basic way, but it can be made complex, the more options you want to put.

My idea for this suggestion, for example, would be to create a new icon in the game interface. As shown in the picture. PlayerMission (Key: "P")



This icon, would open a window, in which it is allowed to create and consult the missions of the players. Distributed in three or four categories:

  • CLAN >> Create / Consult missions / tasks by your own clan. Accessible only to the clan
  • NATION >> Create / Consult missions / tasks by any player of your nation. Accessible only by players from that nation.
  • GLOBAL >> Create / Consult missions / tasks by any player in the game (within the server). Accessible by any server player.
  • SPECIAL >> (Optional). They could be global missions, but with some specific feature, for example, that the rewards paid for the AI or a space event organized by all the players and of course, all these missions have to be approved and / or developed by the administrators or game developers.

Example Screen




Create the mission

The form of creation of the mission, has to be simple and with the precise fields. My proposal would be:

  • Publication: Clan / Nation / Global
  • Title: Name / Summary of the mission
  • Organizer: Player or Clan
  • Reward: This field would be open, and can be: reals, doublons, ships, fun ...
  • Description: Describe the mission to be performed, conditions
  • Number of participants: Limit of participants who can join. Here the discussion, is whether the organizer can accept or not the registration.
  • Mission Day: Date to be carried out the mission
  • Mission Expiration: When the mission expires.

One could argue, whether it would be convenient for each publication to contain money or limit the number of missions or a filter to avoid abuses.


Consultation / Registration of the Mission

Any player, within the scope of the mission, may be registered, provided that the mission is valid (date). When you register, the name of the player will appear in the list of participants of the mission. Here you could discuss, if the organizer is given the option or not to accept the participant or not.

The organizer will contact the participants to carry out the published mission. Here we would have to create a group of participants, in the same chat, so they can communicate.


Example of Missions:



Example 1

  • Publication: Clan
  • Title: Time of Tea
  • Organizer: Pepe
  • Reward: Fun
  • Description: Visit and sink our friends the British at their tea time
  • Number of Participants: 50
  • Mission Day: Weekend
  • Expiration Mission: 2018/12/22


Example 2

  • Publication: Clan
  • Title: Fleet
  • Organizer: Clan
  • Reward: Boats
  • Description: These days many ships have been lost, we no longer have ships in the ports. This week, we have to gather all the materials to build new boats
  • Number of Participants: 6
  • Mission Day: December Week
  • Expiration Mission: 2018/12/20


Example 3

  • Publication: Clan
  • Title: Moving
  • Organizer: President
  • Reward: Save Material
  • Description: Transfer all the material from the clan store, to the port
  • Number of Participants: 10
  • Mission Day: 2018/11/25
  • Expiration Mission: 2018/11/25




Example 1

  • Publication: NATION
  • Title: Rebelion in Nasau
  • Organizer: FRAN
  • Reward: 10,000 reais
  • Description: I am preparing the revolution in the port of Nasau, for that I am taking arms (Sevilla Muskets) to the rebels. I need 3 bodyguards to move the weapons. 10,000 reais per player and each trip (round trip, La Habana-Nassau)
  • Number of Participants: 3
  • Mission Day: 2018/11/24
  • Expiration Mission: 2018/12/24


Example 2

  • Publication: NATION
  • Title: Recover our Gold
  • Organizer: Dav Wi
  • Reward: Cast Capture
  • Description: My spies in GB, they tell me that the HAVOC clan is going to transfer the stolen gold to the Spanish to their queen. Iran in 3 players with 12 Indianmans + 4 escorts, from Cotton to George Town. You have to intercept those ships
  • Number of Participants: 10
  • Mission Day: 2018/12/25 15.00pm
  • Expiration Mission: 2018/12/25 15.00pm


Example 3

  • Publication: NATION
  • Title: Save Captain Jhon
  • Organizer: Horatio
  • Reward: Defense
  • Description: A fleet of Prussians are now attacking Captain Jhon, north of Matanzas. We meet in 5min. in Havana and we left there.
  • Number of Participants: ALL
  • Mission Day: NOW
  • Expiration Mission: TODAY


Example 4

  • Publication: NATION
  • Title: Gibraltar Español
  • Organizer: clan Ñ
  • Reward: Gibraltar Port
  • Description: Now that the GB has several battle fronts, we have to take advantage of and recover the Gibraltar port. We need all you can, to warm up (30 players) and conquer (25 bp + 25 block)
  • Number of Participants: 50
  • Mission Day: 2018/12/01
  • Expiration Mission: 2018/12/02




Example 1

  • Publication: GLOBAL
  • Title: Caribbean Sails Cup OW. X Edition
  • Organizer: Clan Libre
  • Reward: 1,000,000 reais
  • Description: One more year, the Clan LIBRE, organizes the annual "Caribben Sails Cup" competition, in its X edition. We invite all players to participate in the ships races, between Tumbado> Aves, passing through two control points. Bring your ship faster and win
  1. 1st Prize: 1,000,000 reais
  2. 2nd Prize: 600,000 reais
  3. 3rd Prize: 300,000 reais
  4. 4-10th Prize: 50,000 reais
  • Number of Participants: ALL
  • Mission Day: 2018/12/12
  • Expiration Mission: 2018/12/12


Example 2

  • Publication: GLOBAL
  • Title: Boikot USA
  • Organizer: Clan RU
  • Reward: No clan attacks on your nations
  • Description: The United States has failed to comply with the Caribbean Treaty. Once again, we ask all nations not to trade with the US and to attack with all its ports and ships. Our nation will help you
  • Number of Participants: ALL
  • Mission Day: December
  • Expiration Mission: 2018/12/31


Example 3

  • Publication: GLOBAL
  • Title: Help to George Town
  • Organizer: Clan NGO
  • Reward: + Diplomacy
  • Description: The inhabitants of George Town are going through a lot of hunger, due to the bad management of their rulers, it is required to take 10,000 tons of fish.
  • Number of Participants: 100
  • Mission Day: 2018/11/25
  • Expiration Mission: 2018/11/25




Example 1


  • Publication: SPECIAL
  • Title: Tomorrow Release Game
  • Organizer: ADMIN
  • Reward: Recognition
  • Description: Morning Game Release. Take out all the boats, and go to La Navasse. Battle unique and global, ALL vs ALL, only 1 Winner. The winner will take the recognition of the NA Community
  • Number of Participants: ALL
  • Mission Day: 20XX / XX / XX
  • Expiration Mission: 20XX / XX / XY


Example 2


  • Publication: SPECIAL
  • Title: Tournamet NA 200X
  • Organizer: ADMIN
  • Reward: Player of the Year
  • Description: In the month of July will take the Annual Tournament of PVP. More info. in the forum.
  • Number of Participants: 100
  • Mission Day: 20XX/07/01
  • Expiration Mission: 20XX/07/30


These are some ideas and examples. It can be more creative or less, depending on each player. As it is observed in the end, the typologies as mechanical being the same (PVE, PVP, TRADE, SAILS ...)


What do you think?



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I like it, this is what I understand by new content, more options, this makes the game stop being monotonous. And I also really like that there are missions where captains from different nations participate together. These global missions would come but very well to the game, it would even improve relations between players both in the naval and in the forum. We are 400 in the world playing regularly naval, we should be almost family. ;) Of course very interesting your proposal. 

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