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Extendable Battle Join Timer

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Today i had a situation, that an allied player asked me in OW to help with an attack on an enemy player.
So, ok i said yes an looked forward to a Fight.

My Ship is slow (8.64kn). My ally was in sight an started the fight, and i saw the swords poping up an after a moment both ships disappear into battle.
I had to go against the wind and did not reach Battle in time before it was closed.

That Situation is a little bit dissapointing, actual seeing a Battle starts but unable to reach it ever.

What about to extend the Battle Timer by paying Doubloons ?

  • 'clicking'¬† the sword and donate some for some more seconds for just you to join (additional time only for YOU)(maybe repeatable1-3 times)


  • the guy insight of the Battle can pay aswell to extend it for all players outside

What you think  ?

In my situation i just needed 20-40 seconds more to join

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