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BAITY the clan of nobodies and noones in it.

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Hello noone as noone will ever read this trash.

Baity is recruiting now and forever. We (I) take anyone from any nation and communicate on baity discord for cooperation. You don't have to be in our (my) nation to join as it is a clan of multination people, mostly for PvP and baiting, but also pve when bored.

We (me, it's only me, noone else is in this clan) don't attack each other unless we want to. Also we (there's literally nobody in this so called clan) have many friends from other nations who like to sail and fight with us and would never attack us unless we told them too.

Ofc as a an honourable clan we don't talk about anything traitorous for my current nation, besides we aren't serious about r+r just the battles that happen during r+r.

Baity is just here for breaking the boundaries created by nations.

(Seriously it's just me and me alone in this trashy clan or whatever it thinks it is)


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