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Hello guys!

I've finished the spreadsheet I was working on for last few days. I have no problems to let You use it if You need.

The first sheet is locked, so there is always an original that can be downloaded, where noone will accidentaly break it.
On a first one, You can only take a look of how it works, beeing able to change the values of green cells only.

If You want to edit prices of each resource/wood - please use the preview one, however I'd rather suggest making a local copy before using it.

The spreadsheet is very easy to update the prices - change of the price of any resource/wood in upper part will automatically take into account for final results.

It gives You exact breakdown what is the cost of "pure" materials, what is the "labor" cost if You'd like to include it.
There are also variations between Reals and Doubloons, Reals only etc. prices if we'd like to convert one of the currencies.

Feel free to use it at Your discretion!



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Guys, recently I'm beeing spammed with emails about "access requests" to the spreadsheet :)

If You want to change it - use the option "File -> Save As -> Excel File" or make Yours copy on Google Calc by "File -> Create a copy"

Get Your own file, and You can modify it anyway You want.

I'm not gonna unlock the access as this will probably end up with the formulas and references beeing broke in 15 minutes.


Please, save my email box! ;)

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1 hour ago, Custard said:

Your getting access requests because it's not public mate

Thanks man! Didn't know it's also for general access.

Fixed now!

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